Sometimes... It's not always a "Happy" father's day;

To some father's it's a day to mourn that you had to either give up your kid, or your child just leaves without you knowing. That they ran away from home one day while you're at work and never saw them again, always and constantly worrying over your child's welfare and can only hope that they're fine and healthy and safe somewhere.

And it turns out, they're very happy without you, that they never really needed you and are surviving just fine.

This took about 2 days or so, especially while thinking of what to make/position the characters.
And of course, it's slightly canon.
If anything though, I'm more than sure this is how the father's feel, and even the mothers.

The reason the top is in black and white and the bottom showing the bunnies is coloured in, it's metaphorical, symbolic.
Showing the mothers/father's misery while showing the bunnies just another day in the woods having a wonderful time.

Though you can quite see the difference between the families.
Willy's parents live in a practical shack, while Andy's parents live in the most expensive home on the isle.