BitChute: Cutting The Loses: Deletion Time: 

I'll just say this much: I regret praising the website like I did before really getting to be on there for a long period of time. I regret suggesting that place saying it could give YouTube a run for it's money.

And I regret getting my hopes high on a site that can easily turn it's back on you.

I'll say this much, as much as I do say to go to other websites to expand on them, and hopefully get them to expand into something that it CAN be a competitor to Youtube---

Problem is--As I actually told a guy on Vlare who even said to give it a chance to expand these websites (even after I said that some don't cater to my type of work but he insisted that the only way for them too is for someone to start---convo was kind of back and forth)  And sadly I was right all along.

Telling this guy---because they don't cater to me, or if it's a thing specifically for a few genres since comics and artwork aren't accepted everywhere---I could easily be banned or targeted off the website. 

And thus that had happened.

My ONLY conclusion is someone who is on that site, saw what I was doing, didn't like it, even hated it thinking to themselves "Oh HELLLLL no! Get this sh*t off here! This is for news channels only! We're not having this crap here!" And then somehow came up with this fabrication that I was breaching community guidelines (even though the categories on BitChute include art and literature, and even animations) 

The main problem I have---even if this was "resolved" how many more times would I have to go through that? How many more times is someone going to get "triggered" because they don't want my artwork on the website because they believe it should be fully a news website?

Either, they should fix their list of categories to where they take off art and literature and animation


they should inform users that ALL KINDS (including comics and animations or any form of artwork) is accepted and you can't target these people just because you don't like what they're doing. 

Not only that, how long does it take to get back to someone? It's been 4-5 days...5 days counting now seeing how it's 12am

And there's no response, nothing to tell me what I did, and no response to what I wrote.

No one should have to put up with that. No one should HAVE to put up with that. 

That is a horrible way to run a website. And to me as stated before, they have NO excuse seeing how Vlare will talk to me within either the same day or at least the day after. That they try. They really care for the people there. And even if there's still bugs being worked out there, even if right now I cannot upload and I'm personally waiting for at least July and if it's still the same for me I'll go and ask again what's going on and the difference is---THEY'LL RESPOND TO ME THE SAME DAY!!

I know Vlare is kind of a sh*tposting website right now, with only little mix of games and actual good content. If anything it reminds me of somewhat of what YouTube was in 2007 when people were just uploading weird, sh*tposting, vines, ytps (that they call VlarePoops lol) stuff like that.  To be expected seeing how you don't get paid there either, but you can get donations.

But Vlare as potential because they care. 

Sure I doubt they can ever give YouTube a run for it's money, but at least it's a place I can put my content on without worrying about someone getting upset cause there's so many different uploads every day it's not one specific thing.

So I requested a deletion which pff takes a damn week to do. So they don't even have a proper instant deletion but I guess they have an insta-banning lol. Go figure.

You've been banned? One day over night to do. You want to delete your account? Oh you have to wait a week....even if your banned and your account now means nothing. really put the B*tch in your name. 

At this rate, perhaps I should just make a reddit. 

At least I won't have to worry about being banned since a lot of things are allowed there.

Though time to delete my links that I posted on some websites to my BitChute account. 

What a big waste....of my damn time...spending time and time again preparing videos for that site....only to be banned unfairly and without even a reason given...

I will NO LONGER recommend BitChute to anyone!