I May Just Leave BitChute:

It's been 3 days since I've been wrongfully banned on there, and the only other way to contact them is the email that they give---however, they said they were going to email me of why this happened, and they never did.

I see that the staff really doesn't give a damn, seeing how on Vlare, which community has been growing--will talk to me within a few hours of me having a complaint---while BitChute just doesn't care to listen.

Apparently either I was banned for music I used, or someone really doesn't want comic artists on there, wanted to troll and without even my side of the story--BitChute was like "Yeah no you gotta go."  The problem with this---it's insta-ban, much to what like an art website will do to you---(even though I feel like they'd actually respond back to you giving you a damn chance to say what you need too so that way you have a chance. Not sure if it's the same on here though. I don't remember DA giving you a chance to get your profile back.)

But for a video platform that's trying to possibly compete with others---one of the biggest mistakes is that---you don't listen to what others have to say and you just insta-ban them because...reasons? Because we're not gonna risk it? 

And problem with that---As much as I dislike youtube for many reasons, they at least give you a warning or a strike and give you an idea of what you did wrong or you can even talk to one of the representatives to at least get some insight. Like, when I almost 100% lost my monetization when trying to switch over to my other email account and use that instead, I was able to talk to someone on the phone about it. 

And luckily I was able to do an email recovery. That they listened.

If you want to compete with a huge damn website like YouTube, you got to listen! You can't just insta-ban someone and then not email them what they did wrong leaving them upset and more likely to never come back.

Broken systems and rules like that make people want to walk away! 

If anything, by the end of this week, like let's say Monday, if nothing changes, and I still don't hear from them, screw it then, I'm just deleting. I'm not going to be on a platform that just doesn't give me a warning, that doesn't tell me what I did wrong, and nor responds to my email that I sent twice telling them of what I didn't do to break/breach community guidelines.

Cause I'm not going to deal with this in the future, and that's the thing---let's say it comes back anyway, does that mean how many more times do I have to deal with this in the future?!  And that's just....not right....

If anything, I'm actually highly disappointed. I had very high hopes for Bitchute, I had praised Bitchute for letting you be yourself...now I know why it's called "bitch-ute" cause these b*tches don't give a chute lol.

And that's the problem when creators of a website don't care, why should I then? Why should anyone? And probably the reason for this---is because you don't make them money. I don't donate to the site, I don't offer a penny to them and nor are there ads so both I and the website make money. Whereas YT does and of course they wouldn't want to fully terminate you without a reason, and even if they demonitize you, they give you a chance to get it back again. (And let's be honest even if they kill one channel you can make another just as easy and start again anyway and be more careful next time like many of people have) 

But the problem is, youtube won't stay like that forever. I know down the road they'll be a subscription pay service much to what Netflix is seeing how they're reallllly pushing for that YouTube TV nonsense. 

That's why I wanted something like BitChute, but I guess that's not going to happen, if they don't bloody do anything! So why should i go or anyone go to a website that can ban you over night, not email you why this happened, and continue to ignore you. And if anyone is like "Well they're a small team, they have others to get too--" Bull, Vlare is a small team, and they answer back within the same day. Even with everyone saying how much Vlare does care for their creators. 

So this isn't an excuse to me.

At this rate---I might as well go to Reddit and make my own Reddit to post things....I will say I was iffy about it because I know how reddit can be sometimes. There's trolls, there's haters, and I really didn't want to put up with that just in case.

But at least I can probably just ignore them and or just delete them/block them, and at least this way I can post my artwork and videos without worrying about being insta-banned seeing how anything seems to go on reddit.  And perhaps even more followers/potential fans.

So if Bitchute doesn't come through---I'll just screw it and make a reddit. 

This is unacceptable of a video platform whose trying to compete. 

At this rate, they can't compete like this.  or at least good luck seeing how everyone will turn their head once they get insta-banned and without a reason. 

Bitchute you disappointed me very highly much so---and I hope you'll at least come through before Monday cause if that's the case, like Wally Franks from BATIM "I'm outta here!