I'm Going To Do What TheMeatly Failed To Do:

Not mocking the puppet because we all love that puppet boi. He's a good lad

However--there's a few things that I plan to do with my game, that even now that he failed to do. 

Thing is---for his first game that, to me, that made it so special--is that he allowed people to join in by a contest; that people could put their artwork into the game as well. That way it was  like we all had some kind of hand in this. It was a community based thing to do as a fandom who loved the game. And to me; the first game will always be special because it gave artists a chance. It was awesome! 

But now in his new game BATDR he's not doing that anymore, he's just making the full game an releasing it when it's done. Is that a bad thing? No, it's his game. But now because of it---it won't have that special flair to it anymore. I can understand looking through hundreds if not maybe a thousand of people's artwork is a tedious job----and it can probably leave you exhausted by the end of the day and be like "WILL THIS EVER END?!?"  But know that these are fans who truly love the game for what it is and want to be apart of it. Not even for money! Just to be apart of it! Just to share in the joy! 

But now that's over with here. Same with his Showdown Bandit game that idk if it ever even finished....didn't seem like it had a large fanbase either.

But for my game----that I wish to make of SAWTOB Not only am I going to be allowing random artists to help with background concept art and pay them for their time and imagination and helping out with this endeavor; But eventually, I'd say when the game was 90% done, and I figured even before that, around 50% done I'd have a SAWTOB website up and running with the comics on it, with the animations on it, forums, character bios etc--- That I'd post not really a "contest" but allow people to create something for the game. Could be a poster that matches what's going on---could be a tiny thing of music, could be graffiti for a wall---if they know how to 3D model maybe just a cool object.  And the only way to get in---is if it's great looking. If it's dumb it's not going in, if it has no purpose where I can place it, it's not going in---but there's no limit to how many people can get in (though probably one art per person or at least 2 so it's not overwhelming and allows others to join on in whereas themeatly allowed the same person how many times to keep re-entering the contest and winning)     

For me---what themeatly could've done---he created a studio....a very once active studio filled with artists and such---there SHOULD'VE been papers of concept art everywhere are just artwork or even written work around the place, there should've not been just 4-6 posters in each chapter, but tons of posters! Hell someone even created this awesome stain-glassed digital art of bendy---where if he put that behind Bendy's chair/throne and had a light source behind it shining down on it, IT WOULD'VE LOOKED AND BEEN AMAZING~ Everyone came up with so many awesome amazing concepts for the game to have....but only 4-6 got in each chapter when honestly I just would've let in whatever 1. looked right for the chapter and 2. if it looked great. Not armature or anything but really good

Not only does it give people a chance, but it let's the artist get known too. And make the game feel even more special seeing all these artists around seeing what they did.

And unlike him; that's what I want to do with mine! I want to give people/artists great artists...the opportunity that they never really would have! 

Because I know, artist wise, we all want to be apart of something; and to me, it would make the game more "active" more "loved" more 'profound" and more...enjoyable to a fault. Letting so many artists create even a smallest thing that people can look at.  Cause that's what made BATIM special, people had a small hand in it--- I want this to be special too and any really game to come after it to be the same.

I want other artists to have fun with me, I want to give other artists a chance, I want their hard work to go to good use too. I want good artists to be seen, to be looked at---

Cause I know, really know how hard it is to get noticed out there in the art world, that anyone would give anything just to have a small part in it.  Even if it's not their creation.....but it can be their new fav. franchise that they can get into and love and spread it and enjoy it and even smile while playing the game.

And unlike themeatly now---who took out for some reason the concept artists from the end credits and only added himself, mike mood and the voice actors (which aren't proper credits to me)  

Of course I'll add the concept artists of course I'll add the "contributors" which are the ones who made the art/images in the game for me to put in of course I'll add my friends who were in the game as characters and anything else that was added in

The voice actors 

the music, the inspirations etc

anything that helped create the game

So I'm doing what TheMeatly didn't do....which he failed to do---

1. Allow more people to be apart of a project, REGARDLESS if it was their creation or not, but if they have the same love and passion, let them in if they have the talent for it! They don't care if they get paid, they just want to be apart of something bigger and better!

2. Allow free keys to play the game free for the concept artists and even voice actors who are in it

3. Add EVERYONE to the credits even the official credits seeing how they USED to do that, but now they don't which makes the game seem like it was all him and mike mood and the voice actors but not the dev team or concept artists or even the people who helped contribute.  4. And I plan to do this for future games as well. That even with other simple games in the future, I want more fun with a loving community! And give people a chance.

He had a huge opportunity.... And he wasted it

And for whatever reason--- He let time, be his "master" Meaning he wanted it done like how Sega won't delay a game either for a time....which is wrong. The game is done...when it's done---which is actually why I lot of people didn't always like the final boss because...for how big the ink machine is you through a few switches and then bang four pillars?! THAT'S IT?! WE CAME ALL THAT WAY TO DO THAT?! THAT'S WHAT THIS BIG REVEAL CAME TOO?! And all because Mike Mood said they were stretched for time--- No, you could've waited, you could've said "To make this game BETTER we're taking our time"  So with so many probably wanting in, he only choose 5-6 winners because...--? Stretched for time even with Unity they can plop down items since that's why they said they liked Unity. An all I could imagine is them just making the image more defined and adding some texture and that's it....Sure it takes a bit of time, but it's about the love of the creation, not the time being wasted.

I'm hoping that now they're taking their good sweet time seeing how, no game should be rushed, no game should have an end time---just like art---it's ready when it's ready. You don't rush progress and you don't rush art. And game deving is a type of art. An art you shouldn't rush and for me an art I don't plan on rushing either. Even if it takes me 10 years. It's going to get done, but when it's ready. That way people will have a good game that they can smile and have a good time with.

So I'm doing what themeatly failed to do

and what he even now fails to do...regardless of t-shirt contests for designs or any of the sort---he failed letting more talent in, in about a video game about said talent....

And my game has nothing to do with said talent, it's just about fun! And I'm hoping when i get everything set up, and everything is good and ready, I can allow people in as well if they so choose too. 

An unlike him, I will give them credit in the end credits like they should've gotten...