This one is gonna be one of the longer comics....
I had page 1 in the workings for a few weeks now, only cause a lot things got in the way so I couldn't 100% finish it, well until tonight. I'm going to try to at least make 2-3 pages each weekend, but these pages are hard work! A lot of effort goes into each panel.

I do realize there is an episode of Mao Mao called Adoradad.....which I will say--even if no one ever believes me, I did make this BEFORE I knew of it---I had the script written out before I knew of theirs. 

....Can't say I'm a huge fan of the episode...they could've made the dad cool and did the complete opposite....stupid if you ask me....

Regardless, that's why I'm making my own! At first---I wasn't going too figuring people may say "There's already an episode of her real father!" but after seeing it and seeing how lame it is---I"m doing people a real favor here....I like parker simmons, but---he has every opportunity to make his characters cool....and then just for the sake of a dumb joke, doesn't.

Sure I'll do some things for the sake of the joke, but even I know to add in actual cool characters seeing how his show doesn't really have any badass characters, maybe Mao Mao's sisters so far as what they look like---but some characters are really lame. Just there for laughs.

So I'm going to make this regardless, and I hope people really enjoy it in the end knowing what could have been a good idea and was taken away due to a stupid joke of a father that they gave Adorabat. 

You can still make a character badass and still have them not want what you don't want them to have....much to what I did in this comic.


But it seems here, Adorabat is getting ready for her dad's arrival. She's super excited about it too! She hasn't seen him in sooo long! Even though Badgerclops doesn't seem too excited about it lol

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