Came Up With A Good Idea For 3D Modeling:

So, I found some videos of 3D modeling, but they were mostly human nothing of what I'm making. Since obviously SAWTOB is a cartoon animal filled with other animals. 

So at first I was stumped thinking at least I'll learn something, even though still confused.

Which I guess is to be expected seeing how you would be confused when learning 3D modeling for the first time

So I came up with a good idea----

I'll find tutorials on how to make Sonic that way it's close to my SAWTOB characters--big head, somewhat of the same shape of body....well sort of...Sonic is smaller....but lines for arms and legs, mouth, etc

And lucky me, I found some. Which should be great seeing how it's close to what I'm trying to make.

Kind of wish I thought of it sooner seeing how Fri-Sun I draw comics.

but easy come easy go, at least I'll know for next time. 

But not only will this help, I'll also be enthralled to watch more considering it's of Sonic and I get to see how it's done, even if fan made.

So now, I gots a plan lol