This May Take Some Serious Time: 

As some people would know, since I've told people on my discord, and on my youtube etc, (that's really all I have lol)

That I start modeling this month, however---
This may take some serious time to just learn

I knew it wasn't going to be busy, never said 3D modeling was easy---if anything I feel bad for those who 3D model yet make hardly anything...

Perhaps I should've taken this into account and made some spare time to watch videos and take notes on this---
Which now--is exactly what I'm doing.
Well not this second, I'm relaxing right now lol. Probably later thought.

Even though it's not my favorite thing to do--since it's like studying for a test or just studying period, but it's something I must learn.

Though I guess on a bright side, once I know how to do it once, the rest should follow easily since it's all the same style practically.
I just have to find the right video tutorial for this.

If anything; this is where I wish I knew a friend that was into 3D modeling as well--that way they wouldn't mind telling me the step-by-step procedure or even some tips and what things mean.

Thing is---I have no real idea where to start or how to do things or what buttons do what or what means what for what lol.

I know not all have them in Blender, is for character creating. Some is just for water, or smoke or fog, it's not all just for characters.

There's A LOT to learn, and I already knew this would take years and who knows how long to model one character, probably varies depending on how much is on one character, how much detail you want etc

probably a lot of those variables to take into account. Which luckily, I don't have too much detail on each character just enough---not only that---the only problem lies is that I want it to be a smooth texture along with it just looking good. So that way you don't see the polygons that were made into it to a high extent, which isn't impossible.

It just long, tedious and takes a lot of time to learn.
Luckily I have nothing but time on my hands if anything. I have nothing really going in my life that dictates that I should make it faster or anything, if anything I have no real future goals besides cartoonist but I guess that's why I post my artwork everywhere even though I'm a small artist with not a lot people who know about me yet.

Which I guess that's fine though with everything considering, the more you have the more people expect things out of you and want more demands and uploads and such. So perhaps I should be thankful I'm not huge, but it's not a good living either.

But I digress

This will definitely take more time to learn about. So I'll be learning more about it each time. Taking notes etc. Learning more about it etc. 

Watching even videos to help me and maybe looking up more about what each one does as in "hotkeys" since a lot seem to go to the hotkeys to do it. 

So this doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel already---hell I haven't even really tried to model yet---
It just means I need a lot more time to learn and understand.