This one luckily didn't cause me any troubles unlike page 2 did.

However, the only reason it took me so long is because I wake up and work around 6pm

If anything for some reason I'm just one big night worker, that I reallly want to get out of the habit of being. I mean I like working at night cause no distractions and I can get things like this done. I almost put it away for later actually for later today to finish, but I guess I'm too determined to let that happen so I figured I'd just finish up the comic

leaving for today to let it be 3D modeling day.
Which of course still nervous of.

But that's beside the point---

Here we have Willy ending his flashback as to why he left the orphanage, and it seems Willy just didn't have it either with everything he had to deal with every day for 2 months before he decided to take a crowbar, somehow able to break the window open and escape that way during the night.

So why be emotional if he's not, right? 

Though ever wondered how Willy's scarf got all torn apart?
Well it wasn't from just wear and tear from the outside world--it was literally due to someone ripping it apart.