I WOULD'VE finished this...the other day....
Why didn't I?

Well "funny" story---When saving it, it was around 3am, spent 10 hours on it at least...all day long....just sitting and drawing. Barely did anything else---
I thought I saved it properly, but apparently I must've closed the program too soon---something in me possessed me to at least look----


All 6 panels---all gone...back to square 1.

I wanted to flip every table, I wanted to flip my computer, I wanted to rage, I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up I wanted to cry etc.
It's the WORST feeling in the world when you work so damn hard on something, and when you go to save, just because you're computer is slower than your damn reflexes that it doesn't save---and it doesn't autosave while you're making the whole bloody thing!
leaving you to do everything all over again---

It took me about 30 seconds to just take a breath and go for it again.
What took me 5 hours originally took me an hour to do....I got right back to where I had to colour it in. Even though where I had it---was shading it...which takes awhile.

I would've had it done sooner, I would've been working on page 3, I would've been doing good---but no my fate had to be where it took me back...

I will say---this version is slightly more detailed then the last one. A few changes have happened---

-In panel 3, Willy is more bent over, in the previous version he wasn't as slumped over, his body was, but his head didn't really show it--here it shows that he's being serious. So that's a plus.
-In the small box in panel 4, Willy's eyes were slightly bigger in the previous version and was a tad smaller--here he's bigger and his eyes aren't as huge. Not only that, in the previous version his scarf in that frame wasn't as big and neither was his hat. Here I made sure his hat and scarf were the right size by making them bigger to show how small he is.
-In panel 5 there's quite the change, in the previous version the room looked bigger because I believe the staircase wasn't as big, but that's just room ratio which doesn't matter as much. I also in this version added more cracks on the ground and staircase plus walls, added leaves to the bowl on the shelf where in the previous version there wasn't, made writings on the walls and shelf, and even the background characters have much more detail on them then in the previous version figuring I'd at least spruce them up a bit.
-In panel 6, originally the silver fox you see was jumping on the bear, only cause I accidentally made him too short in the previous version. I also made the bear about to punch him in this version while he's holding onto it making sure he doesn't lay a hand on him so it's more violent. The table is also closer to the frame then it was previously.  Also for Willy he was actually originally in the left side of the frame facing them (back to us) up closer; here he's in the background witnessing what's happening.
-Not much changed for the final panel, only that Willy looks bigger in this one cause in the last one he was a bit smaller along with the furniture. Not much of a change though.

So---actually there's a lot of changes in this---and mind you originally just drawing the characters and background---it took me about a few hours---this took me an hour to redraw.
Only cause I guess when I'm mad I can draw faster? And even add more detail then originally. If anything all you could hear is clicking faster while being upset lol.

I would say perhaps it should happen more often---no....not it shouldn't.

Because of this--and me wanting to at least make 3 pages this weekend---I'm making Monday a "catch up" day, so what was going to be 3D modeling---is now me catching up on a page that would've been done today.

And then go from there....

Ughghgh nothing can be easy can it?

Though I will say, I'm getting A LOT better at drawing these bunnies, that it's awesome!

there's also 2 new canon characters in this comic.