Ancient Egypt's Great 'Lost' Labyrinth

The great labyrinth of Egypt is one of the most famous lost monuments from our ancient past - a mythical structure, bigger than anything else in Egypt, with thousands of chambers - it was visited and written about by several of history's most famous authors, the likes of  Herodotus, Strabo, and Pliny the Elder.  

Flinders Petrie suspected he had hit on the remains of the labyrinth in the late 19th century, and only 12 years ago, his work was confirmed when large parts of the labyrinth were rediscovered, next to the Hawara pyramid of Amenemhat III. 

This discovery was met with resounding silence, and today, whatever remains are of the labyrinth are being eroded by inaction, and the rising water table in the region. This is the story of the Egypt's great 'lost' labyrinth, it's history, and modern discovery by the Mataha expedition.