Epic Assassination Attempt On Mexico City Police Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch

I was in the capital when all this went down and Chief Garcia H. miraculously survived.  More info and links are posted below.  The attempt occurred 48 hours after Mexican President AMLO announced his intent to visit Trump at the White House.  This shocking reversal would be AMLO's first departure from Mexican soil since taking office 19 months ago.  Newscasts in Mexico City showed recent statements by Trump and AMLO supporting and thanking one another;  before there had been a media-driven impassible divide of offenses and barbs.  US forces had been positioned off the Venezuelan coast to remove Dictator Nicolas Maduro (whom AMLO has supported even in recent weeks), and I suspect that Trump postponed the assault for this meeting, which may turn Mexico away from the Sino-Russian orbit before the outbreak of military action.  The assassination attempt was an unexpected domestic hostile outbreak that shocked Mexico City and showed how effective the US-led counter-narcotics strategy has been, crippling cartels and intercepting shipments of drugs and money.  The Friday assault also occurred on the last working day before the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions in the hard-hit capital (strangely similar to the timing of George Floyd riots in the USA). 


Some assassins were disguised as construction workers, others as city workers.  The assault was carried out by 4 squads of seven sicarios each, with heavy weapons such as Barrett rifles in 50BMG caliber, 40mm grenade launchers, and belt-fed machine guns alongside numerous automatic military rifles wielded by attackers in body armor.  The Chief was struck by three bullets as well as shrapnel as the weapons penetrated his armored SUV.  Two bodyguards and a passer-by were killed in the assault.  Full breakdown of the attack, those involved, and the political implications tonight at 6 Central+/- on with Brandon Gray on justanotherchannel.com. https://youtu.be/JsAL2GL9KT4
This attack thrust the city into a fury of kinetic cartel and anti-cartel violence; I MYSELF HAD TO TAKE COVER FROM SHOTS FIRED WITHIN 100 METERS OF MY BED FRIDAY NIGHT IN THE MEXICO CITY SUBURBS.

Reports (by El Proceso) that Garcia Harfuch appeared in the Wikileaks dumps incorrectly suggested that he was implicated in corruption.  The cable (link below) was a standard US request to clear Garcia H. and eleven other Mexican federal and state police commanders before their attendance at a US-funded 2010 anti-gang tactics conference in San Salvador, El Salvador.  The US "Leahy Law" requires that foreign military and police operators must be cleared of Gross Violations of Human Rights (GVHM) before receiving US equipment and training. 

The Seattle CHAZ/CHOP insurrection of recent weeks was modeled in part on the Mexican Tlatelolco uprising of (Red) October 1968.  The rebellion was crushed by 5,000 Mexican soldiers with tank support, under Secretary of Defense Marcelino Garcia Barragan, the grandfather of targeted Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch.  This tough cop's father Javier Garcia Paniagua was also a key figure in suppressing communism as head of the Federal Security Directorate (DFS) during the 1970s era known as the "Dirty War".  There were so-called dirty wars all through Latin America while the USSR existed, as communist backed narco-armies led rebellions and criminal syndicates in almost every nation.  They were defeated, sometimes at the final hour as the government tottered, by heroes such as Presidents Alberto Fujimori (Peru), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), and military governments in Argentina and Brazil.  Che Guevara T-shirt-wearing anarchists even today cry foul that these insurrections were put down militarily, insisting that they have the right to be traitors to their nations and the West, traffick drugs and people, and bear arms against their duly elected leaders and the civil authorities prosecuting their crimes.  This ongoing conflict is the reason Latin America still struggles to develop, and only now is there a true coalition of fed-up conservative Latin leaders willing to take it on, beginning with the vipers' nest of Venezuela.  This is the coalition that AMLO is thinking to join as he meets with Trump.  AMLO is decidedly leftist, and this would be a miraculous turn, only now possible after this and other slights by the Chinese bloc and the transnational criminal organizations they support. 

The WIKILEAKS PAGE:  https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09MEXICO3523_a.html