Eating Comics Books, Licking Pickles on a Monitor and Other Things …

Comic Books!  Those soft, little gems of childhood, adolescence, teen years and a re-association in every phase of a man's life you can imagine.  A woman's as well, but not so much.
To be honest, comic books are, as much anything is, a life acquisition, like pickles.  You are introduced to pickles and either you find the experience fun or it is distasteful.  The middle ground is lightly populated.  I do not like pickles but my siblings consume the things by the boat load.
Thus it is with comic books.
EXCEPT these days, comics can, if you look, be found on-line.  Pffft!  As though licking a screen shot of a pickle would have the same results as a pickle in your hands, thus it is with comic books.  You do not read comic books on-line.  You NEED to go out and experience comic books.  While you are out there, there are other things you need to discover as well.  Which is why on a recent social media website the following exchange was beheld*:
The Comic Book Thread, The Question: Is there a place online to read these comics?
The Answer:  Pffft! On-line! NOTHING beats the smell, feel and taste of a good, ol' comic in your hands!
Or the crisp, sharp, edgy feel of a new one!
 1st: Google or DuckDuckGo for your local comic book shop. Then go and get lost in not only their fresh displays but also their collectibles, paraphernalia and other intangibles you can't experience "on-line"!
While you're there pick up some bags and a few boards. You may need them.
 2nd: Take whatever money you have left to almost any national used book store chain and look over the used comic book selections they have!
Next head back to the local comic book shop and tell'em <someone> told you to ask them about their gaming sessions.

 O-M-G! Talk about experiences you'll never know from "on-line"!!! When was the last time you stumbled home at 4:00 AM not drunk but exhausted and smilin' from ear ta ear? Replaying your actions and reactions to games you never imagined existing? Listen to yer wife or bedmate groan as you won't shut up about the surprise move you made or the lucky throw of the dice you got which saved you and your group from certain doom!

 Finally, when you wake up a half a day later, go back on-line and search for the nearest board gaming society/group/gathering! Drag the aforementioned bedmate to one of these board game society meetings; in some places they meet almost every single night.  Be prepared to enter a semi-secret society of adults -- and occasional kids -- playing endless, endless board games the likes of which you would not imagine! Games from overseas, games in development, old favorites and new undiscovered games, played by constantly changing random groups of people accompanied by massive pizza orders, ice cold drinks of all kinds, and screams of joy mixed with groans of angst!
Once again, you'll stumble home at 4:00 AM but this time you AND your bedmate will laugh, cry and giggle over the night you just experienced.
Then, the morning of the following day when you finally wake up, you'll discover the stack of comics that started this whole journey of exhausting rapture. As you sip your wakey-wakey drink of choice, trying to pull your life back together, you'll find yourself tumbling into the lives of the Kents, the battles of the Wayne, and even the politics of the Guardians and another half day will disappear as you tumble about in the closest thing you can find to Heaven on Earth.
On-line comics!  PFFT!  As if!
Kid! Dare to step out that door and discover an existence you'll find taking you to heights you never imagined!
"On-line? Where we're going we don't need 'on-line'!"
*See Next Post to clarify the referenced items!
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