Cuban Doctors Now In 21 Countries As Covid-19 Is Yet To Peak In Latin America

Questions are now being asked at the highest levels whether los medicos cubanos are helping the nations of their posting, or if it this is an intentional communist infiltration/subversion.  Andres Oppenheimer interviewed OAS Secretary Luis Almagro Sunday on "Oppenheimer Presenta".  In this dialogue between the recently reelected head of the powerful Organization of American States and one of the most famous  Spanish-speaking journalists in the world, the secretary raised three questions about the Cuban doctors:
1.  Are they really free, or themselves trafficked/exploited laborers (perhaps "Manchurian Candidates")?
2.  Is this effort for propaganda?
3.  Is this effort for ESPIONAGE?  Almagro asks at 32:15 if this is an "intelligence" operation, for "INTELLIGENCE and INFILTRATION, all on purpose?"
Even in the USA, the Covid-19 has been intentionally spread by contaminated test kits and Personal Protective Equipment.  Mayors and governors have ordered contagious patients out of hospital isolation and into nursing homes filled with vulnerable older Americans, causing many deaths.  Doctors have suppressed proven remedies and insisted upon ventilator usage at high pressures, killing 5 of 6 patients so treated.  These offenses have been committed by leaders and medical professionals within the United States, the nation with the strongest history of Judeo-Christian values and highest respect for human life, where doctors are supposedly bound by the Hippocratic Oath.  Conversely, world communism has always dispensed with the individual in favor of the collective and executed more than 100 million people worldwide in the last century.  Further, Cuba and North Korea excel as torturers and manipulators of the human mind.  They export their subjects for labor and only release their most successfully indoctrinated automatons on their own recognizance.  These communist doctors must be investigated, whether they have intentionally spread this contagion to destroy the economies of the Americas!

"Oppenheimer Presenta" interview with Organization of American States Secretary Luis Almagro: