Author's note:  I am going to press with this report on record, although there is no photo, no video, and no link to a published article.  I trust my people on the ground in the capital.
In the early morning Wednesday (June 4,2020), a resolute group of ciudadanos poured into Mexico City's Chinatown and smashed the restaurants and businesses.  Graffiti and crowd gritos (shouts) declared the Chinese as the enemy, the guilty party for the deployment of the Covid-19 bioweapon against the Americas, and unwelcome in Mexico. 
The virus has hurt Mexico City badly.  Yesterday the people had their revenge, and made their sentiments abundantly clear.  The government has cordoned off the area and promised to repair damage and remove graffiti.  This is a developing story that is being heavily suppressed by the authorities!  The principal streets saqueados (sacked) were LOPEZ  and DOLORES (on map between #130 and #224), this is only 1000 meters west of the Zocalo heart of Mexico City and seat of government (#189 on map).  I have walked these streets myself and shopped in the markets around the famous Palacio de Bellas Artes (#150).
This blog has reported on the many riots in Latin America, especially threatening conservative presidents in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.  Those riots are often reported as the opposite of what they truly are.  Grassroots movements working to eliminate corruption and make their nations grande again are reported as totalitarian actors and war criminals.  Anarcho-leftist riots by foreign agents (often Venezuelan "refugees" of which each said nation averages a million) are reported as grassroots movements of citizens fed-up with "inequality".  Funding for these revolts has been proven to come from Russia and China, and NGOs such as the Sao Paulo Group.   (See articles below dated 18November2019 20October2019 12October2019 9October2019 and especially 30June2019--The "NARCO" In Anarcho-Terrorism.)
Vicente Fox (Mexican president 2000-2006) wrote a booklet in Spanish that circulates today in the barrios of the USA.  It is a literal manual on how to emigrate illegally to our nation, take advantage of every loophole and gravy-train policy, and eventually swing the culture/voting bloc to Democrat Party dominance.  Presidente Fox also began Mexico's love affair with China (at least in modern times, Chairman Mao himself visited long ago), allowing massive immigration of Chinese nationals under an unofficial and unwritten policy.  Twenty years later, many inhabitants of the barrio chino are illegal, undocumented immigrants of a protected political class.  Between crashes of breaking glass yesterday, this injustice was decried in Spanish to China and the world!
The Mexican people are the most vicious freedom fighters in the Americas, having fought three major revolutions.  They have partially succeeded each time, gaining freedom and pushing back tyranny.  There is also a precedent in Mexico for suppressing the history of these violent revolutions.  Accounts of Pancho Villa were suppressed for over 50 years after his 1923 assassination.  His home in Chihuahua is a museum today, and his remains are entombed honorably beneath a monument on Mexico City's Paseo de la Reforma.  For those fifty dark years, the memory of El Generalissimo was kept alive only by oral tradition:  whispered rumors, secreted artifacts, and the corridos. These uniquely Mexican running songs are similar to those memorized by medieval bards to chronicle the legends and heroes of their age.  In Mexico, the suppressed history finally became mainstream, commemorated in museums and included in school curricula.  In Mexico City, the traditional capital of the Americas, a rumor can spread to the outer barrios in the hour it takes for the subway to transit, and in this case it has.  I have shared with you the new oral history that only fifty million people know...that a real people's revolt against Chinese hegemony in the Americas has begun...begun AND COUNTED COUP!