This is War

As many of you have probably noticed, I was deleted once again from Twitter and Periscope. I was given no warning, notification or violation of any rules. My Twitter account was suspended, and my periscope was as well along with all of my previous shows.

The tech algorithms are getting more aggressive, and the show was gaining popularity like a runaway freight train. We were averaging 40k+ plays/day and 10 minutes/ viewer which is unheard of in broadcasting. Not only that, our MAGA Commerce sponsors collectively did nearly a quarter million in sales the month of July.

This is about a lot more than just undermining a left leaning social media platform. It's one thing to gain popularity, it's another to have a solid business model that makes your sponsors wildly successful.

The Dilley Show is a threat to media in the way that POTUS is a threat to politics. Raw, unfiltered, creative and unrelenting and unapologetically AMERICA FIRST.

I will update the new show account on the profile page so you can watch today's show. Please be advised, I have no idea how long it will last or even if it will work. I sent out a single tweet on my new account and they suspended it for 12hrs.

I'm still formulating a plan as I go forward. They're attempting to bankrupt me. I've recently moved and made significant investment into The Dilley Show with a new studio. I was beginning to have in studio guests (musicians) and others. I will never stop working on this show. I love all of you and this country too much.

I'm committed to continuing to assist our President in taking back our country while doing my best to lift and entertain all of you, no matter the circumstances.

Your choosing to be a subscriber here is the only thing keeping the show alive aside from our MAGA Commerce sponsors. I have no other safety net or back up plan. I have to win, or I fail not only our President, and all of you but I fail my four children and beautiful fiance.

Failure is not an option. I will see all of you at 12pm Eastern time on The Dilley Show (

God bless you. God bless America...and God bless President Trump.