recent delays bypassed enough to call them "resolved", but i am getting super-serious now.

recent delays around a family injury were posted about. it's "resolved" now insofar as the relative is healing and moving again, but to be honest, seeing an older relative slip up sort of opened up a viewport into the situation, of seeing family aging and winding down around you. i am now going to be 100% serious about this indie career thing, i have to build this job up.

all delays that should be considered bypassed. we are back to normal, and then some.

first thing is I'll be investing more time into the SUBSCRIBESTAR page. there is content that i'll be making that i'm locking off behind it's subscriber paywall, so whoever wants to pay gets to see stuff about a week before the general public. a higher tier above the basic tier, also includes cryptic spoiler content that wont crystallize into the public for months at a time.

both tiers already have one content post in each of them. no, i will not tell you what they are.

[section about a funding goal was removed here regarding repayment to someone]. they've expressed thanks, goal pulled back. it's being handled other ways.

after this point, you're going to see the content stream be very consistent now that a funding page is connected to it.

TLDR: everything is no longer on fire. we are back to normal. your friendly neighborhood insane game developer is now online.