some minor information perhaps, but this is how far 9 WORLDS has grown in 3 updates plus spare change still in the oven, if any of you are statistics/computer nerds.

i like to show what the business looks like behind the scenes sometimes, and the sheer file size of this job should give you some idea of what the production end looks like.

central text blurb document: 34 pages long and growing (all the text you read, this is where it gets written)

length of most audio files if put into one playlist: 5.4 hours (exposition clips, music, and ambience mainly)

raw game assets total size: 2.3GB

original unity file size before export shrinkage: 2.44GB ("before export shrinkage" = when building the file for export, redundant and unneeded info is stripped away, leaving only selected scenes marked for export + their shared data)

current numbers of scripts needed for function: 12 (yes, this number is serious. many of these also literally read from/write to each other in a symbiotic fashion. did you know undiscovered chess-pieces literally have a script on them that phones home to the chess board? on discovery, the script teleports the piece to it's place, marks down it was discovered, then deletes itself off the chess-piece)

total production size file: 5.65GB (assets + unity build + other data)

size of related attached research folders on the Norse: 5GB (roughly)

TLDR: almost 11GB of data is the amount of disc space needed to produce one prototype measuring 671MB