i see many complaints in the gaming community about this company getting cucked, and that company bending the knee to the gay mafia, and this other company firing it's staff members for "politically incorrect" tweets that only 2 people complained about (where neither actually buy or play the game).

all of this is a deep problem, but the only thing that actually fixes it is replacing and holding onto the industry for the better. these problems stem from hostile interests which infiltrate and impose their rule on the industry as a whole, especially upon companies which are fence-sitters, and therefore easily pushed around.

i, am different. i'm not a fence-sitter. i know there is groups out there wanting control. i dont follow the whims of moral outrage internet mobs.

do you want a non-cucked game developer up and running, among all these AAA cucks who ruin your fun? well, that's me. vote with your wallet which way you want the industry to move.

the bigger i grow, the more clout and resources i have to ward off this industries cuckolds with.

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