many things may be a bit delayed for the near future here.

without going into too many details, here's what the situation is.

older breadwinner in the family, who works construction, slipped on a concrete step at work and fell. he's got a cracked back right now, his ribs got fucked, right now he literally cannot walk around all that much. for the foreseeable future, this happening just knocked out one of two income streams that keep up the household. until he heals, i'll need to do something to make up the shortfall. this self-publishing thing, even i'll admit, is not far enough along as is to bring in enough, to make up for lost resources. there's one breadwinner still healthy and moving, but that's not good enough, i have to pitch in with some help.

to be perfectly blunt, someone in the family just got hurt, i need to get a replacement income stream up and running NOW, literally RIGHT NOW, i literally cannot wait one single second.

this is not a joke, this is a problem, i have to fix it. i have a few ideas here already, but suffice to say i'll be away in real life a lot more for the near future. family comes before all of this, i'm deeply sorry, i have to do this.

does this mean a total delay and cancellation of everything? NO, it just means i'll be off IRL way more then i have been before, until the breadwinner heals up and things return to normal.

what's likely to actually get done here you ask then? good question, clearly i need to cut down my workload by a large amount. making a judgement call on this right now, then, here's what likely to come up while this gets resolved

  1. for certain secret projects, involving certain secret people, they should know this doesn't mean any delays since things were under wraps and still in the oven anyways. they know who they are, they know how to contact me.

  2. crowdfunding. my goal this month was to get that up and running, and ive had some success. when/if that comes online fully, funding me literally feeds us and keeps us safe in house and home for this situation. this crisis should be temporary. after that, funding feeds the creative pipeline.

  3. 9 WORLDS. i was supposed to have an update for that going out at the end of this month, and that's still my plan. in the next few days i'm hoping to have a screenshot coming out, this time of something so epic it's the biggest in its field within the lore. Ive covered this categories best, but not its it biggest, and those two things are quite separate.

  4. COSMOS PURITY, and gabara's horse lasagna probably wont be able to get much work done to them under this situation. sorry. if any updates do come out on either of these, they'll be tiny and intermittent until things get back in order.

TLDR: someone in the family just nearly broke their back. i need to get a job IRL to cover for them while they heal. 9 WORLDS update is still on track. my goal this month is still crowdfunding.