the two biggest research gaps i came across were as follows.

firstly, NANNA's role is somewhat unknown/unclear. she's goddess of something, but i'm not sure what, nor are many experts. guesswork might arrive at inaccurate conclusions so i wont dabble in it.

secondly, in a few exhibits ive already had to contend with competing claims on events, and have had to plan on how alternate claims of events are to be handled/presented. this is an issue ive tried to get around, and some new additions to existing exhibits will be made due to this fact. this sort of came to a head, and arrived at a solution because you're looking at an exhibit with not one, not two, but three claims on what happened and who did what.

the main accepted string of events is LOKI tricking HODR into killing BALDR, etc, and that's getting its own exhibit on another floor of the tower, but two other ancient texts got their own text boxes. i try my best to be very thorough, but this academic subject has contradictory information on many of its topics.

IMPORTANT IRL UPDATE: if any delays pop up in getting the update released at the end of this month, or if added content seems a bit thin, blame it on this "freak polar vortex" intermittently freezing water and drainage lines. global warming my left foot.