Radioactive Iridium-192 Canister "Lost" In Texas
Anarchist Riots Continue With Impact, Chemical, And Pyrotechnic Weapons 

Hopefully NUCLEAR weapons will not be added to this list!

The four Mexican states bordering Texas have been alerted by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the loss of a "radiation source" that could pose a danger to the public.  Iridium-192 "is also one of the main lost or stolen commercial radioactive isotopes that could potentially be used in a dirty bomb" according to The Guardian.

This isotope of Iridium is used in medicine to kill cancer cells, but is also a powerful poison to humans, emitting beta and gamma radiation and focally accumulating in the spleen.  It could be used to make a radioactive "DIRTY BOMB" as was widely reported in The Guardian when a similar canister was stolen in England in 2013 (article attached below).  The "dirty bomb" is the preferred nuclear weapon of anarchist cells and rogue states which lack sophisticated laboratories for the construction of fission or fusion-type nuclear explosive devices.  A small charge of conventional explosive is used to disperse radioactive material over a wide area.  Targeted humans are then exposed to radiation, perhaps breathing in particles of the isotope itself.  Fortunately, the short (74-day) half-life of Ir-192 means that any weapon made from it would not be shelf-stable beyond this year and would not render an area permanently uninhabitable.  It would, however, retain its efficacy through the summer season of riots, which continue to rage.

The vehicle containing the radiation canister was reportedly swept away May 29 by the current of the Pedernales River outside of Fredricksburg, Texas.  The vehicle was located May 30 (without the canister or radioactive material) 11km downstream in an areal search.  The Pedernales River is a popular location for whitewater rafting and is known for sudden changes in water level.  Flash flooding has claimed several lives at Pedernales Falls State Park, and warning sirens have been installed along the river to sound an alarm in the event of rising water.  The Perdernales terminates at Lake Travis, only ten miles west of Austin, Texas.

The Spanish named this waterway for the flint rocks common in the riverbed, which they gathered to spark the flintlock muskets of their conquest.  Perhaps the weapon of a new revolution--of the nuclear age--is being sparked here  today! God help us to find this canister!
2015 article further detailing the nature of this material:

UPDATE: 6-4-2020 Twitter user @browntown1776 astutely suggested the low-flying Blackhawks over Washington D.C. could be radiation-detection sorties. 
Last night after this was broadcast to over 70 nations by shortwave and on the internet at a caller stated that the canister had been found (without referencing any source, and stating the distance the vehicle was swept as 11 miles-noticieros.televisa said it was 11 kilometers, and specifically stated that the canister was NOT located with the vehicle).
Journalist Thornton Parsons @QMN1775 reported on that "A [sic] NRC spokesman told QMN that the material was recovered..."  The spokesman is not named.  In addition to several plagiarisms from this article (without quotation marks or any reference to my original authorship), QMN erroneously referred to the four alerted Mexican border states as "counties".  I thank the quartermaster for his military service but resent the journalistic throat-slitting of his article and MAINTAIN THAT NO REPORT FROM A RELIABLE PUBLICATION OR NAMED OFFICIAL HAS ASSURED THIS THREAT IS NEUTRALIZED OR THE RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL REACQUIRED.
UPDATE: 6-9-2020 **ALL CLEAR** according to CBS Austin the canister was located intact on Sunday, May 31 near the area of loss.  The LA Times (link below) describes the enormous danger of such material falling into the wrong hands, the inaction of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to put stronger controls in place, and the number of such deadly radioactive sources scattered across the nation.  Americans must be alert to the threat of modern anarchist or embedded terrorist cells which dream of causing massive death by the use of such a weapon, or significant destruction by attacking vital points of US infrastructure.