Update on the Creation and Distribution of Synthetic Media and Deepfakes

Dear Stars,

This post is to inform you on some changes and updates to our Terms of Service.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that in general, AI-generated content (i.e., data and media that are artificially produced, manipulated, and modified by automated means) IS NOT DISALLOWED on SubscribeStar.

However, given the nature of the content some of our Stars create and distribute through SubscribeStar, and in response to the tightening of legislations and forthcoming changes in both federal and states laws, we urge you all to pay close attention to the following updates to our Terms of Service.

In our ongoing commitment to maintain the integrity of our Platform and the trust of our community, we are enforcing strict guidelines that prohibit the creation, sharing, and distribution of AI-generated content that involves deepfakes or any form of synthetic media designed to mislead, deceive, or confuse users. This includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorized manipulation of identities, especially those of celebrities and political figures, for any purpose.


Creating or Distributing Deepfakes. Generating or disseminating content that alters the identity of individuals in a manner that could mislead users about the authenticity of the content. This includes manipulating voices, images, or videos of celebrities, ambassadors of brands, political figures, and other well-known individuals.

Identity Manipulation. Using AI to modify the appearance, voice, or actions of individuals without explicit consent, thereby potentially infringing on personal rights and privacy.

Misleading Content. Publishing any synthetic media that could confuse users regarding the truthfulness of events, statements, or identities. This is particularly critical for content involving public figures and celebrities, where authenticity matters.


Violation of these guidelines will result in immediate action, which may include, but is not limited to, removal of content, suspension of account privileges, and possible legal action. Our team will rigorously monitor compliance with these rules to ensure the safety and reliability of our Platform.


Our Platform respects the incredible potential of AI technology and its positive applications. However, we must prioritize the safety and trust of our community. These measures are in place to prevent harm and confusion, ensuring our Platform remains a trusted space for genuine expression and engagement.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,