Okay, so here's what's going to happen in China by September 2020 and why.

Before September of 2020 expect the following to come to a head:  The Chinese Government will take over the Chinese Military.
"I thought they were one in the same."
 Don't interrupt me.  Just keep reading.
 China, the Chinese Communist Party consists of two parts:  The Military and the Government.  When the CCP was throwing people out of Universities and out of cities and into rice fields, the Military handled all of this while the Government side dictated the parameters of the new and growing country.  The Military quashed rebellion, enforced gun laws, and would go through the rice paddies, collecting the newly created peasants for all sorts of events:  War in Viet Nam, war in Korea, war in Mongolia, war ... well, wherever bodies were needed, the Military would collected ignorant peasants, give them substandard weapons and limited bullets, and send them into the conflict ahead of the REAL military troops.  The easily replaced peasants absorbed all the first round casualties and the more experienced troops followed to inflict the real damage.
However, time moved forward, Nixon traveled to China and the CCP discovered it was easy to make money by selling products made by slave labor to countries with gold.  It was also easy to insert military objectives into some of the products going out so that while the enemies of the CCP suffered, the leadership grew wealthy.
To maintain this money growth, the peasants had to move back into the cities and learn new skills.  They had to master computers, computer languages, accounting and science skills and so forth.
Sadly, the military was still run by powerful warhawks.  Warhawks believe that when you have a sword and an enemy is standing near, you need to stab them.  Over the years the warhawks did this without thinking and in turn it caused problems for the CCP Government side of things.
In addition to this, it was harder and harder for the Military to find ignorant peasants for their war events.  Now everyone had cell phones, TVs and watched movies.  They knew good guns from bad ones and when you gave them crappy equipment, cell phone networks lit up with videos of rifles falling apart, bullets failing to fire and other war items failing to work as needed.  This in turn led to fewer and fewer people one wanting to the on the front lines willing give their lives for the country simply because the Military commanded it.
 This added up to increasing failures on the Military side of the CCP.
 Hong Kong is the biggest and best example.  Hong Kong was supposed to be an easy "In and Out" event.  Go in, remove everyone who likes freedoms and leave behind the same ruling class the rest of China "enjoys".
Opps!  The Military failed that.  So they got desperate.  Recently they had begun experimenting with things call "vi-rus-es."  The Military leaders were told these Vi-Rus-Es could be made to incapacitate an enemy while your own inoculated troops would be immune to the effects.
 After coming up with a batch of the stuff, the Military ordered a live fire test of the disease.  They released it in a crowded food court and watched and waited for the results.
Unfortunately, the virus wasn't as steady as predicted.  It was 10% more powerful than expected and it looked like there were 7 mutation strains, not the 4 that were promised.
Go back and look at who rushed in and quieted people on the COVID-19 virus.  NOT the Government forces but the MILITARY ones!  This was a MILITARY operation.  It wasn't POLICY being challenged; it was a MILITARY experiment suffering issues.
This being the case, the Military screwed up!  They rushed in and silenced anyone reporting the results of this secret MILITARY project and, in some cases, people were made to disappear.
In addition to this, people identified as getting the disease were being rounded up, studied and then disposed of.  If the Military had just left everything alone, they would have gotten all the results they wanted through normal channels and the disease would have come to an early close.
But, because of the heavy-handed way the Military dealt with this Top Secret event, the disease got a HUGE head start and kept running.
 Think about it:  If the rumor said that reporting the disease made you disappear, what would you do when you go the disease?
Leave town!
 The Military event went sideways.  Hong Kong still existed.  Things are not looking good for the Military side of the CCP.
 Complicating things was the feeling that the only reason the Military still existed was because it was a frightening thing!  It had guns and bullets and bombs and made growling noises when you approached it.  The Government side of things began to notice that the guns fell apart, the bullets didn't fire, bombs were unable to explode and while it still growled, there was the Hong Kong failure, the recent Google debacle and now the Wuhan Flu was causing the CCP all sorts of problems; problems the Leadership of the CCP was having to deal with.
The Government was starting to think the Military wasn't anything but a toothless, clawless dragon.  In China, a toothless, clawless dragon is another name for a worm.
 So now the Military needs to act!  It needs a success!  It needs to prove it is still something to be feared!
 The army may have failed, but the Military still has THE NAVY!
Sadly, if you thought the Chinese Army was a joke - and many Government Leaders are beginning to think this - the Chinese Navy is even worse.
SO!  Before September watch for the Chinese Navy to launch a much needed attack on a prize, seeking to please the CCP Leadership.
At first, they had planned to try Korea, but this virus has caused "issues" in Korea, which takes it off the table.
 So now the Chinese Military will set its sites on:  Taiwan!  At long last, the Chinese Military will attack or start to attack Taiwan!
If you are familiar with the term "Bay of Pigs," lower it a couple of notches and you'll understand what will happen with Taiwan.
 While at first, Taiwan will scream to its friends for protection from the MIGHTY CHINESE NAVY, once the process has actually stated, watch for Taiwan to cancel the requests for assistance and repel the MIGHTY CHINESE NAVY with a couple of sling shots and a big rock or two.
 The Taiwan Navy would normally get a chance to double its size except for the fact that the captured vessels will be too expensive to use as anything except target practice floaters and places people will pay to explore while diving.
Meanwhile, back in the CCP:
It will suddenly be apparent the Big Bad Military arm of the CCP is anything but!  A HUGE coup will occur!  The warhawks will be gathered for meetings in which no one except Government operatives leave standing up.  Military bases and units will suddenly be under Government Forces control.
BUT!!!  Do not expect the Military leadership go out without a fight.
Suddenly there will be a pictures flooding the internet of a mushroom cloud in China.
ANY large explosion of conventional weapons will ALSO result in a mushroom cloud!
Once everything settles and the bodies are counted and sorted, it will be learned the cloud was nothing but common explosives, the CCP still exists and is still in charge, the mighty CCP Military will be no more, but the Government forces will be in control of everything.
 While China might go under lockdown, watch for this to last less than a couple of weeks.
On the downside, without the internal, adversarial Military to deal with, the CCP Government agencies will have FULL control over everything!
Without the Military warhawks to keep it honest, the CCP Government forces will soon realize they are all powerful.
 And remember, every time a Government outlaws God, the Government assumes the role left behind by the void God once filled.
 The Government forces of the CCP will assume they are, in fact, God.
And then the fun begins.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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