Couchcon is coming, and the Dreamkeepers table will include commission slots.  Prices and options are displayed above.
A new option:  Vivid will be fundraising for our creators by offering wallscrolls of their work.  If you have ever commissioned a participating Vivid author, you can get that art on a beautiful custom wallscroll.    Details coming soon.
I mention it here because our highest commission slots include the custom wallscroll already in their price.  
The slots will be sold in our online Vivid store: 
When announcing publicly we'll say commissions open 'during Couchcon,' but we will be providing backers here with the exact time in advance. 
But a question:  Should we open all slots at the same time in the beginning of the weekend, or open some on Friday, and the remainder on Saturday?  I'll post a poll in here tomorrow-ish to see how you folks feel.