So It Begins: US Military Counter-Narcotics Operation Starts By Killing LeBaron Family “Mormon Massacre” Assassins!

Responding to a report of a horrific gunbattle Friday evening, Mexican authorities found 18 criminal “delincuentes” dead beside their military rifles and grenades.  The responsible party of “around 40 men, ‘fuertemente armados’ [heavily armed], had disappeared into the rugged terrain” of the Sierra Madre Mountains.  A nineteenth, wounded, delinquent recounted the tale before expiring at the hospital in Cuauhtemoc.  This remote area (aside from being the generational home of many LeBarons) is a known haunt of cartels, and skirmishes are common between rival groups.   Four police from various jurisdictions have been killed in Madero Municipality since October 2016.  The area is rarely patrolled, and only by federal authorities or the military. Here lies the “La Linea” faction of the Juarez Cartel that murdered the Lebaron Family on November 3rd, 2019, named as a belligerent in the official report.  

Official report (translation):  “The most recent confrontation occurred on April 3rd in the communities of La Nortena and Chuhuichupa in Madero Municipality, in which 19 were reported dead which pertained to the groups of ‘sicarios’ [hit men] known as’ La Linea’ and ‘The Jaguar’, armed branches of the Juarez and Sinaloa Cartels, respectively” reported Cesar Augusto Peniche, the ‘fiscal general’ of Chihuahua State.

President Trump has counted coup on the cartels and avenged the massacre of the LeBaron Family.  The president announced counter-narcotics operations in his Coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, April 1st, and reported the same day that kinetic operations had begun in Mexico, Central America, and South America.  This well-planned firefight concluded within 48 hours of those announcements.  A later report by Hal Turner stated that Trump had attained the permission for military operations on sovereign Mexican territory directly from President Lopez Obrador (AMLO), after discussing signals intercepts of cartel intentions.  The cartels, recently emboldened by their defeat of the Mexican Army in the siege of Culiacan, Sinaloa, were planning extensive operations while Mexico battled the Coronavirus.  Their intent was, during this period of national weakness, to rob every bank, rob all chemical warehouses (for drug laboratory supplies & equipment), rob all military installations—and steal all the military weapons!  16 months into AMLO’s presidency, murder rates are at an all-time high.  He has extended patience and tolerance to the criminals as a marginalized group.  When signals intercepts proved the cartels were an imminent threat to the existence of Mexico as a nation, AMLO gave Trump his blessing to destroy them militarily.

The US has not taken responsibility for this strike, and the official story said the rival cartel did it.  Here is why I believe Trump has struck and made good on his promise:

1.       This was a military ambush by an extremely potent and professional force, moving on foot through alpine wilderness.  (Indicative of parachute or heliborne insertion.) 
2.       In 18 Madero Municipality firefights prior to this incident, 52 people were killed, averaging less than three deaths per firefight—this incident exceeds the average by over 500%!
3.       Trump said, and insider sources reported, that these operations were “cleared hot” and in execution phase.  Trump was especially sore about the LeBaron murders.  It is pointed (and poetic) that they be avenged in the very first strike of the new, largest-ever counter-narcotics push.
4.       Cartels typically attack each other in their headquarters or skirmish when they bump into one another.  This was a planned ambush assault against known persons, set in textbook fashion in a ravine chokepoint, on the last road deep in the mountains. 
5.       The authorities, accustomed to the military-grade armaments of the cartel members (including fully automatic and tri-burst rifles, grenades, explosives, 50-caliber sniper rifles, anti-aircraft cannons, and shoulder-fired missiles) described the attacking group as armed BEYOND that degree.  Also, a rival cartel would recover the weapons of their defeated foes.  The weapons were left as evidence for the authorities, proof that the killed were armed insurgents.
6.       The proximity of the incident site in the known stronghold of “La Linea”, in the rugged mountains (see map) between the LeBaron Massacre site and the Colonia LeBaron, mountains which are rumored to contain both Jihadi camps and hidden Chinese troops and materiel.
7.       The way the assailants melted away into the forest, the “zero footprint” of fit, well-equipped, American special operators.  Although the site was investigated and area patrolled by Federal Police, Mexican Army, and the brand-new “Guardia Nacional”, no indication was found of where the assailants had gone.  A statement was made that “there is no danger to the public or residents of the area”.  (These authorities have been briefed and are fully aware of the ongoing US counter-narcotics operations.)
“Does this look like ‘gang bangers’ to you?” -Al Pacino as LAPD Lt. Vincent Hanna in the 1995 movie “Heat”, while investigating the scene of an extremely professional armored-car robbery/murder and explosive breaching.

The evidence speaks for itself that what happened Friday in Madero Municipality is the work of US military forces, the operations that Trump declared on April 1st.  Promises made, promises kept.  

*Author’s note:  If any of you fellows pass through the capital while “snooping and pooping”, stop in to see me.  I would love to shake your hand and brew you a proper cup of coffee (in the land of Nescafe instant)!

**UPDATE Trump admitted today that kinetic strikes are ongoing against drug cartels and human traffickers in Latin America, and thanked the president of Mexico specifically for his partnership.  Video: