12 Years of Anthrocon: VAULTED.

It’s been a legendary run.

Liz and I have been dealing at Anthrocon since 2006, and we love meeting our readers there! The convention has come to feel like home, and helped launch Dreamkeepers from a single issue comic into a multiple-awrd-winning graphic novel series, webcomic, novel, tabletop game, app, plush line, with a full orchestral soundtrack to boot- a feat unmatched by any creator-owned series in the history of the furry genre.

And we’re just getting started.

However, this year the dealer’s room is curated by AC staff, and their interests lie elsewhere.

Curating a popular convention is undeniably a challenge, so please extend appreciation to staff for their efforts.

If you’re attending Anthrocon, we’ll miss you- but you don’t have to miss Dreamkeepers.

In fact, Anthrocon will play host to Vivid’s entirely new convention-enhancing game:


A coded chest conceals all-new Vivid loot for any readers who participate in our on-site contest.

What lurks in- THE VAULT?

Who will you meet at Anthrocon to help you unlock- THE VAULT?

And what challenges must you face together?

Anthrocon’s about to get more fun! Stay tuned for details, we’re happy to bring you something new.

-Dave & Liz