(This synopsis was written two years ago, when RHB was trying  another  tactic to get conservative, Christian America to wage a shooting war in the streets. Since that time, the Pennsylvania catholic clergy sex-abuse scandal came to the very door of RHB's co-author Paul Williams.  Williams teaches at Scranton University, which, being Jesuit, keeps separate records from the Scranton Achdiocese, and those Jesuit records were not acquired by the court.  Nevertheless, three priests from Scranton University were implicated.   RHB and Jesuit Paul Williams abhorr the USA and continue to incite civil war, even as major moves to drain the swamp are underway.)

Mar 20, 2018 at 6:49 AM

I was there 25 years ago when Rodney Howard Browne infiltrated and destroyed the last and the greatest Bible school of modern times, Oral Roberts University, exactly as he is now attempting to infiltrate the INFOWAR.   <--My Video detailing RHB’s infiltration and fall of ORU and his similar attempt to adjoin himself to the Trump Train.

RHB is a master at adjoining himself to existing movements.  After infecting ORU, he moved on to the Toronto revival, which was a legitimate move in its inception started by the then-unknown evangelist Randy Clark.  Also adulterated by RHB, Randy Clark is today an apologist for the Catholic/ecumenical doctrine of pastoral control.

I attended a 1998 conference in Victoria, Mexico by missionary pastor Bobby Crow.  His church, which was originally funded by bigshot televangelist Robert Tilton, paid all expenses for missionaries on the foreign field to attend.  The secret subject of the conference was to point all Mexico missionaries to RODNEY HOWARD BROWNE and induct them into his laughing revival.  Many of these field missionaries were convinced and overcame their objections to RHB; this was a significant turning point towards the decline of the true gospel in Mexico and the descent of the nation as a whole into criminal kleptocracy.

Anglicizing the world.  England was the first Protestant nation and the first royal dynasty. The reason the thirteen colonies had to fight the British was that the Anglican church had, in 260 years, returned to tyrannical Romanism in form and spirit.  The most Catholic cities in America such as Boston were also strongholds of English Loyalists.  The Anglo-American Conspiracy is and always was a mask to cover the real and Bible-prophesied Vatican conspiracy for global domination.

RHB’s coauthor, Catholic Paul L. Williams is not only Catholic…he is an ardent, ethnically Irish, hardline, pre-Vatican II, RABID Catholic.  He believes that the error of the Catholic church was its 1960s embrace of modernism and its attempt to woo rather than outright conquer the “separated bretheren” of the protestant world.  I am beginning my study of Williams at present, but I am very familiar with the type:  University professors that run the revival circuit and author  exhaustive, excessively footnoted, thick reference books that rewrite and intentionally revise the very history they purport to document.  An excellent example (with whom I have had discourse on the revival/conference circuit) is Dr. Michael McClymond of Catholic St. Louis University.  He literally wrote the encyclopedia on American revivals, yet he is a Catholic apologist who intentionally misses the point on every issue and with subtlety turns attention always back to Rome.  This is the link to his book:

McClymond further authored on the theology of Jonathan Edwards, a point addressed by RHB in yesterday’s show.  There is an effort to redefine the history of Protestant revolutionary America and initiate a huge, fake revival that will finally destroy the Union.  Remember, I witnessed this exact thing done in Mexico, BY THE SAME RHB!

 “The Killing of Uncle Sam” is titled to follow the momentum of Catholic apologist Bill O’Reilly.   Bill’s books of the “Killing…” series are really purposed to revise history on critical points where the Catholic church was heavily involved, especially the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations.  Mudd, Wilkes-Booth and the other conspirators convicted with them were all part of a Washington D.C. Catholic terror cell.  RHB has thrown his full and significant weight behind continuing this disinformation campaign, thus building a final, global false revival that will be the death blow to America and the free world.

Latin Pope, churches "exploding," Rome losing grip in Latin America: a skillful deception.  The Latin Pope is purposed to build a communist surge in Latin America led by liberation theology.  The rising tide in Latin America, as in the USA, is not yet religious but rather based on political ideas of liberty, free markets, and nationalism.  One by one, Trumpist presidents are being elected in Latin America as Chinese, Russian, and Vatican elements are expelled--the battle is fierce and outcome yet uncertain!  The Jesuit “takeover” of the Catholic church was not really a turnover but rather an unmasking of the true, dark heart of Rome and the final overt exposure of the Order that has led it from the shadows for nearly 500 years.

RHB blamed Satanism and Luciferianism in the corridors of power. There is a centuries-old effort to define Catholicism and Satanism as polar opposites.  For this reason, stolen communion elements are "defiled" by Satanic priests in modern black masses.  This also is a disinformation campaign, as Satanism and pedophilia have always been secret rites in the Catholic church.  Only now are the global scandals so big as to lift the leaden lid t reveal the Whore of Babylon!

Samuel Honnold