Wisp is shocked.
Volume 5 updates will resume next week, March 25th, right here for backers.
We plan to continue with weekly updates after that point.

2020 is coming into focus.
Especially with current events so chaotic, we don't want to spring any big surprises on you- so here are the major Vivid Publishing events to plan for in 2020. 
Volume 5 Kickstarter
We're aiming to complete the book and launch the V5 Kickstarter in September or October.
This is the big cahuna.  The V5 campaign will include a Volumes 1-4 hardback omnibus, an art book, and a stretch goal to raise production capital for the Dreamkeepers animated short. (More in the campaign, but those are the highlights as of now.)
Video Game Sample
Before then, we plan to share a playable environment of the Dreamkeepers video game in August at Megaplex (and for backers, of course.) 
And June 25-28, Vivid is hosting the second year of our online convention, Couchcon.   http://couchcon.org/   Coronavirus lockdowns have us opening the doors to a surge of artists with great things to share.  So in addition to commissions, merchandise, and specials from the Dreamkeepers table, look forward to a full schedule of streaming panels and a whole dealer's room packed with great work to discover.  
Vivid Wallscrolls
Get your commissioned art as a big, beautiful wallscroll.  Vivid will be running a special during Couchcon:  Any art a Vivid author  https://vividpub.com/Titles.php?pg=titles  has ever created for you, we'll let you purchase a copy of it as a full-size wallscroll.  Have a Dreamkeepers, False Start, Uberquest, Blue Deer Art you'd like?  Vivid Wallscrolls will be available during Couchcon only, more details coming.
False Start
Chapter Zero approaches completion, and there will soon be a False Start website for you to enjoy Vivid's first hand-painted action comic, slated for it's premiere crowdfunding printing later in 2020.
I'll have a little teaser for Vivid's Tectomic soon, too- we're all taking a trip to space, kids.  Bring your battlecruiser.

We will share V5 updates every Wednesday for backers.  If we need another month to focus on animation and finish Mace's video game assets, the Volume 5 updates may be limited to concept art, but I'll alert backers well in advance if that's the case.

We need you.
I want to create more, and faster- Vivid has a chance to become a fully-fledged entertainment company with actual production capabilities.  But it can only happen if readers make it happen.
We have the stories, the characters, the skills.  But we need the ability to hire more talent, so things can happen in a timely manner.
Algorithms and unpleasant gatekeepers have been suppressing us every step of the way.  If we're to grow, it'll be because of readers like you.  So let's do this.
This horrible quarantine is the perfect time to share a whole new world with bored friends.  They're stuck inside?  Let them explore the Dreamworld.   https://dreamkeeperscomic.com/Intro.htm 
More readers enjoying the world will bring in the resources we need to grow, and produce faster.
Vivid will be the kingdom we built together- and we're going to be making the most fun things in the world.