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Pixelpia Live is a gathering place for creators and consumers of YouTube and other social media.I will live stream on YouTube Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM EST.I hope you will be a part of building this community.
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Friend of Pixelpia Live

The starter tier for you who want to support my channel without breaking the bank, At the moment I can only offer you a shout out in an upcoming video and a Thank You!

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Close Friend of Pixelpia Live

For you who want to help me to invest and improve in my channel. For $5/month you will get early access to a monthly live stream exclusively for my subscribers. I will also give you and your social media of choice a shout out in an upcoming live stream.

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Best Friend of Pixelpia Live

If you chose this tier you will get the same as the other two tiers. You will also get a pixelpia mug with the text; If you can read this thank a teacher seen here in my merch store https://teespring.com/if-you-can-read-this-than-6539?pid=658&cid=102908 if you don't want me to mail it to you just message me where you want me to send it. You will also get a 10% off promo code to use my merch store at http://teespring.com/stores/pixelpia

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  • Welcome, thank you for thinking about supporting me. I have created three levels of support: friend of ... Close friend of... and Best friend of... You chose which level fits you best. Once again Thank You

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Hello and welcome to my Subscribe Star space. Pixelpia Live is my second channel on YouTube that I just started, first live stream was Jan 7th, 2020. 
Pixelpia Live is a gathering place for creators and consumers of YouTube and other social media. I, Pixelpia, will be live streaming twice a week. Tuesdays at 9 AM EST will be somewhat themed, and my first theme will be "The Creative Process". Under this umbrella theme I will start of by talking about how and where you can get inspiration. 
On Thursdays at 9 AM EST it will be a little bit more of a chit-chat,  I will always have a headline for these chats but you can contribute with anything you want as long as it is appropriate. 
The main purpose for starting Pixelpia Live is to have a place where we can inspire each other, get to know each other, find new channels that might interest us, and maybe even find people to collaborate with.
I hope you will be a part of building this community.

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