Hello and welcome to my Subscribe Star space. Pixelpia Live is my second channel on YouTube that I just started, first live stream was Jan 7th, 2020. 
Pixelpia Live is a gathering place for creators and consumers of YouTube and other social media. I, Pixelpia, will be live streaming twice a week. Tuesdays at 9 AM EST will be somewhat themed, and my first theme will be "The Creative Process". Under this umbrella theme I will start of by talking about how and where you can get inspiration. 
On Thursdays at 9 AM EST it will be a little bit more of a chit-chat,  I will always have a headline for these chats but you can contribute with anything you want as long as it is appropriate. 
The main purpose for starting Pixelpia Live is to have a place where we can inspire each other, get to know each other, find new channels that might interest us, and maybe even find people to collaborate with.
I hope you will be a part of building this community.