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I make comedic videos overanalyzing pop/internet culture, the current sociopolitical landscape, and the entertainment industry.
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Early uploads!

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Early uploads and I'll do my favorite video requests

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Early Uploads, Favorite video requests, and we can chat live on discord! Plus, I mean, we can figure out more.

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You Da Real MVP

So, obviously mo money means mo privileges, but I definitely want this to be a give and take relationship! That being said, I'll let you decide what EXTRA perks you get each month (Within reason, I will not do a strip tease for Russian mobsters … again … PUTIN BE DAMNED!) Sorry, sorry … where was I? Oh, yeah, you decide!

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  • If you're paying me then I work for you. My stars will recieve my videos early, random private live streams, and in general I'll continue to work hard for you :)

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This is a monthly goal. I have a wage garnishment that derails most of my plans. I had to quit making music because of that. It's amazing how limited your life can be when 300 a month is taken from you forcefully. I cannot fight it, thus I'm here to work my ass off and earn your love, respect, and money :) I hate making these stupid, "Pay me cuz reasons" things, but it's whatever :)


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