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Owen Shroyer
Owen Shroyer Press Release - 9/17/2019 - The Democrat Clown Show In Full Swing

House Democrats Call Lewandowski To The Stand
...Defends Trump
...Video: 'Why Isn't Comey Being Questioned?'
...Video: Mocks "President Swalwell"
...'The Good Looking Man'
Team Obama Lines Up To Defend McCabe In Court
Eric Snowden Releases Tell All Memoir; Gets Sued By DOJ

Ilhan Omar Is A Criminal And A Liar
...Deletes 2013 Tweet That May Prove Potential Incest
...Loomer Was Right All Along
...Calls For Federal Jobs For All
...Iman Of Peace Being Censored For Tweeting About Omar

Big Tech Attempts To Stop Veteran Latino Woman From Getting Elected
...Blocking Campaign Ads
...Facebook To Launch It's Own Supreme Court
CNN Regrets Being A Leader In The Cancel Culture
California Puts Iowa On Travel Ban List For Transphobia
All That Money Spent But Cancer Leading Cause Of Death In Rich Countries
40,000 Die In August From Obesity

Gun Free Chicago: 9 Murdered, 18 Shot Over Weekend
Beto Gun Sale Specials Sell Out In Hours
Video: Another Gun Owner Stops A Violent Criminal In The Act
CNN: 'Fuck Your Thoughts And Prayers'
Canadian Pool Eliminates Gendered Bathroom; One Bathroom For All
NYC Okays 1.1 Million Kids To Skip School For Climate Strike

Pentagon Stops Border Wall Projects; Claims Not Enough Money
Six Year Old Girl Raped And Threatened By Honduran In Maryland
Ninth Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape In Maryland In Last 2 Months

NY Times Source On Kavanaugh Story Had Already Declined Involvement
...Flashback: Project Veritas Exposes The Fake News NYT
...Kavanaugh Fake Accuser Admits The Attacks Were Politically Motivated

18th House Republican Announces Retirement
Trump Hires More Ex-Lobbyists To Cabinet Than Bush Or Obama

Top Canadian Official Puts International Security Infrastructure At Risk
Video: New Zealand Is Confiscating Firearms From Law Abiding Citizens

Super Mosquitoes Accidentally Released On Accident In Brazil

Whitney Houston's Hologram Goes On Tour
Man Has Horn Removed From Top Head
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Owen Shroyer
Owen Shroyer Press Release - 9/11/2019 - Trump Blowing Smoking On Vaping?

Formal Intelligence Operative: 'Unexplained Events Of 9/11'
NY Times Blames Airplanes For 9/11
...Then Erases The Tweet
BBC Blames "Too White" CIA For 9/11
Hong Kong Protesters Pause To Honor 9/11

President Trump: 'Boneheads At The Fed Should Cut Interest Rates To Zero'
Trump Administration Will Move To Ban Vaping
...6th Death Claimed To Be Related To Vaping
...Man Arrested In Manufacturing Illegal THC Vape Cartridges
Trump Considers The Social Credit Score Spy Grid
Mitt Romney Cries Over Loss Of Bolton
...Trump Didn't Like Bolton's Penchant For War
Trump Vs Hurricane Dorian: The Saga Continues
Mike Pompeo The Next Henry Kissinger?
Senate Confirms 150th Trump Judicial Nominee
Supreme Court Upholds Trump Decision On Asylum Limits
...Trump Administration Prevents Access To Tent Court On Southern Border
Condi Rice: 'Stop It With The Russia Nonsesne'

Thread: Document Dump In Flynn Case Shows Government Corruption

CNN Calls Conservatives Terrorists On 9/11

Iranian Woman Illegally Attends Soccer Game; Gets Arrested
...Sets Herself On Fire In Protest; Dies
...#Blue_Girl Goes Viral On Twitter

War Games In Israel: Netanyahu Rushed Off Stage, Rockets Launched
What Has Happened To Julian Assange?
France Interviews 3 Epstein Victims; Asks More To Come Forward

Babies That Survive Abortion Put In Comfort Room To Die

Ship Of Global Warming Alarmists Get Stuck In Ice
...Not The First Time Activists Need Rescued From Cold
A Dozen Groups Organize Impeach Trump Rally; No One Shows Up
Avowed Racists Speak At Anti-Racist Book Festival
Anti-Gun Activist Admits To Owning Guns For Protection
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shuts Down Electoral College Elimination
Biden Has A Russian Collusion Problem
Video: Gay Jew Harassed For 'Abomination' By Ethiopian New Yorker
...'Vile Act'
...Bill De Blasio Is Mayor Of New York Again
Part Time Mayor Pete Enjoys His Fake Presidential Campaign

Retail Stores Dying In The Age Of E-Commerce
Newspapers Closing Doors
...Washington Post Cancels 'Express'
Minority Gun Group NAAGA Thrives During 2nd Amendment Infringement
Austin Homeless Get Violent; Attack Woman In Downtown
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Owen Shroyer
Owen Shroyer Press Release - 9/9/2019 - You Are Being Spied On 24/7!

Google And Big Tech Are Always Watching You
...Trendy Spy-Tech
...Facial Recognition And Tracking
Every State Launches Anti-Trust Probe Into Google
British Police Handout Video Doorbells Which They Can Access
Apples Next iPhone Breakthrough: More Cameras

Inside The Secret Relationship Between Jeffery Epstein And MIT
...Thread: What Was MIT Hiding With Epstein And Why?
Epstein's Secret Charity That Kept Running After Sex Scandal

New Study Concludes Official 9/11 Narrative Not Possible
...Lawsuit: Bob Mueller Helped Cover Up 9/11 Truth

California Citizens Protest Mandatory Vaccines
...Your Exemption Is Bogus
...More Medical Tyranny Pushed By Democrat Lawmakers
Oxford Gives Babies Vaccine That Killed Monkeys In Trial

StemExpress CEO: 'We Were Selling Alive Baby Parts'

The Chinese Spy From Mar-a-Lago Trial Delayed Again

Video: Bernie Sanders Rally Draws Small Crowd
Video: Yang Crowd Surfs At Campaign Event

Liberals: 'Television Propaganda Only Works If You Watch It'
Rachel Maddow Sued For Defamation; $10,000,000
Video: Kicked Off Plane For Wearing MAGA Hat?
Student Faces Two Years In Jail For Attempted Hack Of Trump's Taxes
Miss Nevada And Army Veteran Stripped Of Title For Trump Support
David Hogg Blames White People For Gun Violence
NFL Opens 100th Season To Empty Stadiums
Meet The Cyborg Magician With 26 Microchip Implants And Magnets
Homelessness In LA Could Lead To Next Plague Like Outbreak
...The Return Of Leprosy
Trump Supporters Clean Up 7 Tons Of Trash In Baltimore
Obesity Continues To Own "New Fashion"

West Palm Beach Blasts Annoying Music To Deter Homeless

Baltimore Evacuated After Van Found With 1,000 Gallons Of Gasoline

Ringo Star Now Considered Former Beatle For Being Pro-Brexit
Art: Naked Adults Simulate Live Porn For Youth Audience
Germany Looks For Ways To Circumvent National Debt Rules
A Stabbing And Murder In London Separated By Minutes, Yards
Sacred Torah Scrolls Saved From Synagogue Fire In Duluth
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Owen Shroyer
New raffle item, The Censorship Cup! Signed by the Infowars Crew! Each raffle entry is $1. Put your entries in at the donor tab. Winner to be drawn Monday, September 16th. One of a kind item! Part of history! Good luck!
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Owen Shroyer
Owen Shroyer Press Release - 8/29/2019 - Owen Shroyer Booted Off YouTube Again!

Owen Shroyer Allowed Back On YouTube!
...Banned 17 Hours Later
...Vice Colludes With YouTube To Ban Shroyer?
...Lies In Article
David Knight Channel Banned

Verdict: James Comey Violated FBI Policy
...DOJ Refuses To Prosecute
American Freed After 30 Years In Jail For Petty Theft

Ilhan Omar Calls For U.N. Takeover Of U.S. Borders
President Trump's GDP Goals Out Of Reach?

List: 10 Candidates For Next Democrat Debate Released
...No Gabbard, Williamson

Milwaukee Health Department Warns To Stop Vaping Immediately

California Homelessness Crisis Reaching Critical Levels
Nude Murderer Chases Police Through Neighborhood; Humps Neighbor

Your Apple Phone Is Listening To You Have Sex
DOJ Opposes Google/Facebook Undersea Cable To China
First Licensed Crypto Bank In Switzerland

Trans Activist Vandalizes Women's Shelter; Nails Rats To Door
Attempted 4AM Break In At Journalists Home Before Free Speech Event

University Of Technology Lowers Engineering Entry Requirements For Women
Connecticut Professor Decries His Own Whiteness; Wants White Extinction

Thousands Of Tremors Hit Northwest
...6.3 Off Oregon Coast
...3.1 In California
...MAP: Heavy Earthquake Season For California
Hurricane Dorian Lurks Off Florida Atlantic Coast

Julian Assange Being Tortured In Prison

Chinese Troops Move Into Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protest Organizer Beaten By Masked Men With Bats

Musk And Ma Discuss Mars, AI, End Of Humanity
...'Computers Will Surpass Humans In Every Way'
Robots Headed To A Wal-Mart Near You

Hollywood Director Claims To Have Had Sex With At Least 20,000 Partners

Dave Chappelle Comedy Special Takes Political Correctness To Task
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Owen Shroyer
Still suspended from Twitter...
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Owen Shroyer
Current high donor is $99 for this original one and only beauty. The highest donor in aggregate by 6p central Monday wins this item to hang happily over their toilet as they take a Hillary.
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Owen Shroyer
My free speech is under attack! Support me here by subscribing!
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Owen Shroyer
I am one of the most banned, censored, attacked and verboten names in news. I am not allowed on YouTube or Facebook and shadow banned on Twitter, walking a tight rope. Communists and leftists are attempting to destroy my only real platform, Infowars. Therefore I have decided to start a Subscribestar. Here is why: https://www.brighteon.com/6049663925001
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Owen Shroyer
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