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I'm JAE. I talk about anime, waifu's, art, & film.
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Thanks for the support!

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Thanks for the support! New vids and art will keep coming!

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Thanks for the support! New vids and art will keep coming PLUS shout-outs in most vids.

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Thanks again! Vids, art, shout-outs (in most not all vids) and if 18+ some early access to lewds heh heh.

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Otaku JAE

Hey! Just started this and I hope to get the support needed to keep making this world more better...

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Heck, this will help me focus more on reviews, my own art, commission work, making the world more lewder and more support for waifu's and the love of 2D! Plus more time and access to fight the censorship of our beloved hobbies. Thanks!

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