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Odd Directions is a small production team – consisting of Tobias Malm and Martin Asperholm – who create digital content in the horror/weird/sci-fi – and sometimes even comedy – genre.
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You get access to stories before they are posted to Reddit. Whenever we create any paid content, such as digital books, music albums, or similar, you will get it for free.

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You get all of the perks of the previous tier. You will also, if you want, be featured as a character in one of Odd Directions future stories.

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You get all of the perks of the previous tiers. You will also, if you want, get a story written by Odd Directions where you decide the overall theme or synopsis.

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  • Access to Star's profile content.
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Sadly, it costs money to live, so this would free some time for us to create more content instead of working on unrelated things.

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