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Nikolai Pawell
Hi,I'm an aspiring Novel writer.The only way to get good at writing is to practice. So that is what I'm doing here, practicing.I will upload my work here.Nikolai Pawell
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Nikolai Pawell

A sidequest for meaning

Chapter 15 and 16 of Red Snow work as a short story. The setting is a fictional medieval world, the cursed are people born with magic abilities. Beraan is a member of the Inquisition, an Order tasked to deal with the cursed. He is looking for answers in one of the major religions. I took inspiration for the Religion from the idea of self-improvement and Jordan Peterson.

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Nikolai Pawell

Here is the second draft of my novel Red Snow. One sentence pitch would be: Jedi policing mutants in a medieval world confronted by an overpowered Jack the Ripper. English is not my first language and I know I'm in desperate need of a copy editor.


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