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Videos and Tutorials for Battlefleet Gothic, the Greatest Hobby Games Workshop Ever Made.
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Basic support, throwing me a few thrones.

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Officer Tier

Giving a few more thrones to attract my warp-addled brain to pay attention a bit more to you instead of the screaming demons of the warp.

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Admiralty Tier

I did something right for sure, since you are willing to put some real money towards the growth of the channel and the discord server. You will have my attention as best I can provide.

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Navis Nobelite Tier

You clearly are willing to manipulate reality itself to make sure this hobby stays alive. Using your third eye, you can see into the future and potentially even compel me to make new content for the game in order to satiate your desire for blowing up ships in space.

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  • My attention, thanks, and continued pressure to keep BFG alive and well. Higher tiers will have higher priority for Fleet Engagement videos and can request By Imperial Decree videos!
Navis Nobelite
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Thank you everyone who has decided to subscribe to this Subscribe Star!

By doing so you have a few advantages: Firstly, you will have a far more direct means of contacting me and have priority in responses to your questions. I will answer questions and requests as quickly as I can. 

Please understand that this channel is part of my broader hobby of BFG and is NOT my job. I can't answer things with lightning fast speed some times, and things MAY get lost in the fog. 

I will be adding additional tiers and content for this site in the future, along with ways for you to secure your place in any Fleet Engagement videos should you be willing to donate. I don't have the system for this hammered out yet, but I figure if you are willing to put down a little money, you can at least pick what fleet you are facing. 

Again, thank you so much for your generosity, have a great day!
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