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Hello, I'm Mr.SmashKAB and I am a Canadian Musician. There will be a lotta drum stuff including 'Drums only' covers for other musicians to use in their own covers.
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You're cool in my books

Every little bit will go towards new sticks or skins or something that I SMASH. :)

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Really making a difference

$25 is a new skin or 2 pairs of sticks. Weapons of mass percussion.

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You're a real Kicker

You've contributed a 22" Emad Kick Drum skin to the cause!

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That's a brick of sticks baby

The wood chips alone will be enough to heat my house!!

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  • Thank you so much for helping support my content.
  • This money will go towards studio upkeep (Sticks, skins, Cymbals) or
  • to studio upgrades like additional cameras or better mics

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Hello Hello!

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