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I promote and defend orthodox Christianity, classic Western Civilization and individual Liberty. I believe that this country was founded as a constitutional Republic based upon libertarian and Christian values and has strayed far from that beginning.
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We all start some where and if everyone put their shoulder to the wheel like you it would be easier on all of us.

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You are helping keep the channel going. Let me know if you want me to cover any post on the blog.

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At this level if you would like me to cover any video topic let me know. Your support keeps this channel in operation.

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My name is Alex Barron. I am Navy veteran who has spent a lot of time overseas working at various Naval aviation and intelligence commands. I wanted to combine the American Redoubt political migration concept with a “hard Catholic identity” twist. I called the blog the Charles Carroll Society in honor of Charles Carroll who was the only Catholic who signed the Declaration of Independence.

I also have a YouTube channel I try to put out weekly content. I call the YouTube channel and myself the Bard of the American Redoubt. I use the term "bard," as a wayward vagabond carousing through clubs, bars and churches both spreading the word that we live in uncertain times in a nation that is increasingly hostile to your faith, so what are you going to do about it?

We also have Charles Carroll Society merchandise. Subscribers get free shipping on all merchandise sells.


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