I am Montana Free, but most just call me Montana. I am a middle aged, overweight male living in the middle of Montana. I do however enjoy the "great outdoors". I enjoy bush crafting, hammock and tent camping, fishing, and hunting (both large and small game). I am a gun enthusiast and love reloading ammunition. Being overweight has it's own special set of challenges especially when it comes to this type of lifestyle! Let me put it to you this way, if it can be broke I will break it. As a result, I will help you find quality products for all you outdoor needs. My family and I often take trips to the mountains, river, local sites in and around Montana and we can't wait to share some of the great adventures with you. This site will offer you everything from gear reviews to cooking. From successes to failures, you will see them all and hopefully learn from our good times and from our mistakes. I can all but guarantee you will find something worth your time on this site. So...... Welcome! Happy reading and make sure to check back often for new content.