Don't believe the lies. You are NOT a monkey! You did not come from an "accidental" Big Bang millions of years ago. Adding time to something doesn't make the impossible possible. Think about it...self replicating life from non-life. This is a fairy tale for grown ups. A frog will never turn into a prince no matter how many times you kiss it and no matter how much time you give it. Time is not a legitimate justification for fake science to explain the explainable.

Evolution REQUIRES two things, first, a 'beneficial" mutation, second, survival of the fittest to make the mutated one survive and out perform the others. Creationists have no problem with survival of the fittest, this is just quality control. However, "Beneficial" mutations NEVER happen. Think about it. A horse with 5 legs doesn't run any faster. A frog with two heads is not smarter. All mutations are negative or neutral at best! Not to mention many mutations leave an organism unable to reproduce.

The only examples ever given for "beneficial" mutations involve LOOSING information. For example sickle cell anemia helped some people resist Malaria. Malaria works by attacking red blood cells. If your red blood cells are mutated or deformed (i.e. don't work) then you probably will be resistant to Malaria. Bacteria is also resistant to some Antibiotics also due to loss of information and function. Let me explain it this way. If you are born without feet, then you will be immune to athletes foot. If you are born without functioning ears, you might be safe from sonic weapons. These are not beneficial mutations in the way that the common understanding of evolution would require. These are examples of losses of information. Creationists believe in losses of information.

In fact, the only thing we ever observe are "losses" if information. Mutations might rearrange what is already there, but they will never create something NEW! Only God can do this. In fact, in the Creationist world view God Created everything perfect. There were no diseases, pests, suffering. All people and animals were vegetarians and there was no death. God made it perfect and it has never been improved upon since. God created it perfect and since sin and rebellion entered the world, things have only gotten worse. Due the curse we the world is falling apart. The Sun will burn out, the earth will stop spinning eventually as the universe is winding down. This is REAL science, observable, testable, demonstrable, measurable, repeatable, etc. Good empirical science.

Contrary the the creation world view, Evolution says it started at chaos and is getting better, smarter, and faster. But are things really getting more organized? Folks, they have pulled the wool over your eyes and it is time to take it off! The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that all things tend toward disorder in a closed system and this is all we EVER observe. Things break down, decay, corrode, etc. etc. when left to themselves. The only time we ever see something improve by itself is when you add INTELLIGENT energy.

These two world views are completely opposed to each other and going in opposite directions. Somebody is dead wrong and I hope they figure out who they are soon! Maranatha.

Listen to these videos for more information. Each video gets better and better. Thank you Kent Hovind!