Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Official Mobile Gamer Gaming Subscribe Star Page. On my Subscribe Star Page, you will be able to see the latest post containing video content uploads post that i have uploaded to my Rumble Channel and my past Kick LIVE STREAMS. I will also post past Rumble LIVE STREAMS. My content will be heavily focused on Mobile Gaming Gameplay video content & i will also use my Subscribe Star Page to promote my 2nd Rumble Channel which is Mobile Gamer Talk.

My video content upload schedule will be first of the new week of each week which is every Mondays. However my video content upload schedule might change. Currently, my Subscribe Star Page is currently under construction and also my Ko-Fi Page as well. My Ko-Fi Page is 90% done and my Subscribe Star Page, that will be finished by the end of this week so that i can fully launch my Subscribe Star Page starting next week. And if not next week, then i will notify everyone on Twitter so please stay tuned. 

I want to create a community on my Subscribe Star Page where i will be promoting my content here. Especially making new friends and being able to seek the so called "BIG WORLD". I love and appreciate the world but i gave up on seeking it on 2017 and i want to seek it once again in 2023. I hope you will all join me on this adventure and my content as always, is targeted by demographics of kids, teens and adults. Both male and female. I am Anti-WOKE and i want to keep politics away from my content. Thank you for reading this post and i hope you join my Subscribe Star Page in the near future to receive great updates from me.