Hi Everyone,
Most of you have probably heard by now, but we are ending the current pre-recorded, hour-long podcast format known as Migtown Podcast.
This is not the end of Drexel's content. He is evolving his show to be more a of real life on the streets show, shorter, more frequent episodes, and many more guests. We are also shedding the traditional redpill, MGTOW, manosphere, etc labels in flavor of just being real. All Drexel, all the time.
What this means for SubscribeStar?
Starting December, we are ending our SubscribeStar platform. It has become too cumbersome to withdraw money from here. We encourage all users to join either Locals or Patreon. 
What else is changing?
Due to low demand, our Migtown Shop will be closing. We are ending tiered support in favor of one, $5 support level. Finally, we will be archiving our channels on alternative platforms that will not serve to grow our audience or render us cancel-resistant. By the end of this, Rumble and YouTube will still remain for you to catch all the old episodes of Migtown, but YouTube channel memberships will no longer remain. They can suck it after banning Rekieta like that. Patreon and our Locals page (migtownpodcast.locals.com) will continue to allow people to support Drexel's content. This covers costs like hosting, bank fees, paying off our expensive computer equipment, compliance costs, and others.

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