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Mahyar Tousi - The Cabinet Club
Mahyar Tousi - The Cabinet Club
As a classical liberal Conservative YouTuber, I have launched a new campaign. Freedom, democracy, and capitalism are under threat from socialism. So, I aim to take the fight to the Left. From universities to the mainstream media. But in order continue this fight, I need your support. And in return, I’ll give you extra benefits and exclusive content such as Social Events, Live Q&As, Podcasts, Video Group Hangouts, and much more. Your contribution helps me get better equipment, hire assistants to help with my production, and run issue-based campaigns across the country to save Britain from the Left. Join The Cabinet Club and defeat socialism!


  • Join The Cabinet Club to have access to exclusive content and benefits, such as Live Q&As, bonus videos, one-to-one chats, and regular video group hangouts.
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