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I’ll post my arts and musings here. Hopefully things won’t be compressed like they are on other platforms

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Uhh... *blushes*

If anyone subcribes to this I might make a discord server and give them access or something? Maybe also a 10% discount on any of my older art pieces?

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*blushes fiercely*

M-maybe I will use a random number generator to pick from the list in this tier to give me drawing suggestions? You also get first refusal of the piece and I will mail it to you for a small fee if you want it.

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You get to suggest a topic. I get full artistic licence, and I will mail you the result. This will be for you alone, and you can share it however you please. I will not post it online. I may share any post you make though.

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*blush-disappears from existence*

I have no idea what I could possibly offer for this tier, or why anyone would commit to it. Obviously you get the previous tier rewards. Maybe a personal voice chat while I work on your piece? I have no idea...



  • Thanks for supporting me. Your buckaroonies help. I will post my art here and hope that it doesn’t compress things as much as Twitter does. If you know me, you know I post at worst tastefully nude and SFW content of the fantastical variety.

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I will quit my job and pursue creating what I want without restriction thanks to the love and support of all that made the hard choice of bolstering me with their hard earned money.


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