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LadyDredknot: The Cosplaying Comedian
LadyDredknot: The Cosplaying Comedian
Spreading smiles and laughter one cosplay at a time. Will you consider supporting me as both a stand-up comedian and cosplayer and grow with me? stick around, things are sure to get funny!
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LadyDredknot: The Cosplaying Comedian
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To quote a new favorite Disney Movie: "What can I say except you're welcome!" To this year of 2020! It has brought a new perspective into the world of online streaming. As a performer, its tough to not see our audiences but a few "lols" every now and again help! Unless you're being sarcastic in which case you're not helping. Lol. I have launched my startup comedy for 2020, not the best year to do so. But. I didnt anticipate a global pandemic! So ! I cant wait to share with you what I have in store for this year! Each one of you subscriber's are helping me as a comedian to keep producing content and getting closer to my goals. Soon that stage will be back open, in which case you subscribers will gain more perks especially if i am in your city!
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