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Finding forever homes for foster cats and kittens since 2012
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Kelina & Leinani found a anew home together and are now living happily ever after in their new home. I'm so happy because they're an awesome pair!

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This tier helps with taking care of the newborns to KittenvilleUSA.

per month
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This level goes beyond the newborn to nearing adoption age of kittens at KittenvilleUSA.

per month
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This level helps support the cats that are a little older and are ready for adoption as soon as they get to KittenvilleUSA.

per month
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Mama Cats

The most help goes to the mama cats who spend the most time at KittenvilleUSA.


  • Upon subscribing to KittenvilleUSA you will get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that each month you will be helping foster cats and kittens find their forever homes!
  • We are currently working on Kittenville shirts and stickers for those who subscribe!! (if we ever get approved)

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While any amount will be greatly appreciated, I thought about things other than cat food and litter that are used to keep KittenvilleUSA clean and what comes out of our pocket to care for the kitties and came up with a number that would help. Thanks so much!!

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