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Kavi Draws!
Artist, Creative, Designer
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The Helper

Every Little Helps' I appreciate any and all help! I'll send invisible hugs or if thats too much, spuds :3

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The Hero

This is getting a bit out of hand, This will help me continue drawing!

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The Student

I am by no means a trained professional, thank you for everything I want to eventually make tutorials and guides for you after I grow a bit more



  • I want to make Art Prints! Full access to this page, super nervous...
  • The Hero and Student can make suggestions, headshot/headshot to busts
  • When I open an Etsy store I want to give a store discount to the Hero&Student
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the goal
If for some reason you want to support me in attempting to buy and teach myself the piano. The dream.
to reach
the goal
Goal is to use this money to purchase Marker Paper so I can do lineart before colouring digitally, and various other paper for the watercolour and sketch ideas, Hands shake if I use the tablet to draw after 30-60 minutes its very troublesome indeed

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