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Kaja Blackwing
I create 3D models and bring them to life via 3D printing and conventional metalworking processes. My processes are documented in blog posts and videos which, I hope, function as helpful tutorials. I work on custom projects all the time, and I welcome a challenge.
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For $1 per month, you get access to subscriber-exclusive content, most notably previews of upcoming projects in the form of short (usually five-minute) video clips.

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Free blueprints! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. For $2 per month, I'll send you blueprints for any of my miniature models or construction projects.

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Free miniatures! Again, not really free, but for $5 per month, you get to choose up to $45 worth of miniatures from both my website and my Shapeways shop, and I'll ship them to you.

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Free jewellery! Right, right, not free, that's just bad clickbait. You can request any item of jewellery that I've designed (other than one based on my sigil, that's MINE), whether I offer it for sale or not, as long as it's in any material cheaper than gold. I may be willing to supply one that's gold-plated, depending on what it is. Alternatively, you can request up to $100 worth of miniatures.

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  • Open to all manner of requests, including custom work.
  • Short-term payments can be arranged for short-term projects.
  • Support my operation and get discounts on products I already offer.

Recent posts

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Kaja Blackwing
Public post
End-of-Month Update for July 2021: I decided to start some work on a practical project, a steam boiler for my workshop.  Design work alone is going to take quite some time, and I have no idea when I'll finally get round to building it.  Depending on how much the raw material costs, and what my income is like when the project finally gets going, I may add another funding goal here.  So far, I have two entries for this project, part 1 and part 2.  Follow me on Hive for more updates.

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Get me a new TIG welder! My current machine is touch-start, which I am not fond of. I've already had to replace the torch on it, but that doesn't solve the problem.
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the Goal
Get me some CNC machines! Truthfully, I don't know what I want yet, but this amount will pay for an entire Sherline benchtop setup, which is perfect for manufacturing small, intricate parts. Otherwise, I'll use this money to pay for a CNC controller and kit to convert my existing milling machine.
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Get me a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer! I originally wanted to start my 3D print shop with one of these, but the LFS machine was more advantageous at the time. I would still like to get the SLS machine, however, since I can think of many different designs that would work better with that process.
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Get me a BIG lathe! Seriously, I know I'm reaching here, but there is a lot I could do with a 20" x 60" engine lathe.

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