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I will post the "inside track- scuttlebutt and highly volatile" info which most social media will not allow. I will post my commercial and bumble-free podcast which is just be talking directly to you! A secure and frank platform for my work.
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Podcast of the Brutal Truth

This allows you to listen to my very special, no holes barred - political truth about what is killing America and what you can do to help win the war against liberalism- LIMITED ENROLLMENT

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Videos Violating Vapid Political Speak

Many times I just cannot unload. Social Media would band me even further. Here I will tell you what I feel and why about all things Culture Race and American Politics

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Hands On Baby

I will personally hand-on train and dialog with WARRIORS for TRUTH who want to help Save America and Stop The Liberal Lunacy!

Limited (0 out of 1000) subscriptions


  • The totally brutal truth and unfiltered and unvarnished truth about how we are fighting to keep America from going to hell in a hand-basket
  • This is no apologies, no cancel culture - PUNK YOU IN THE FACE POLITICS

The subscription gives you:
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