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John Bromin
I'm a voice actor, as well as an amateur writer, videogamer, video editor, and lover of all things entertainment. Still trying to find my niche, but working on it every day.
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John Bromin

The studio has been more or less finished with only some minor additions needing to be made to the rooms foam, and some more insulation needing added to the walls. This has been one hell of a journey and one that I'm glad to be able to take

I have high hopes for my prospects in really digging my heels in and making a name for myself through good old voice acting. I'm not letting the current situation get me down and I honestly feel that given hard work and determination this will become something great.

Also I've begun uploading videos over to good old bitchute since youtube is going full 1984 onus all. It's a shame that it went this way, but youtube is what youtube is. This is the good thing about capitalism though. When it works right companies like Alphabet (The company what owns google and by extension Youtube) get a nice kick in the nads for doing this sort of thing.

Anyway my Dark Days Ahead videos which are for the moment going to be exclusively on bitchute due to youytube ignoring public domain laws in the united states can be found starting with part one here

I am going to be doing a full series of this and playing till the poor Jack Jager winds up meeting his bitter end. The only question is if he'll be able to escape prison first.

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John Bromin

Guys, I've taken a bit of a step and am in the process of building a proper studio environment for more let's plays and more Voice Over Work. This studio has taken up a decent bit of my personal funds, and a lot of the time I would have used to make videos, but I think it's going to be completely worth it in the end.

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