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Joe SummDrums
I'm a session drummer with a degree in music. I've been playing the drums for 13 years and love to share my music and drumming on my Instagram and YouTube accounts.
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With this tier, subscribers will be helping me in running my YouTube channel Joe SummDrums. The money from each subscription will go towards helping me to promote my YouTube channel and helping me to purchase and upgrade my equipment for my videos. I will also shoutout subscribers by their name or their YouTube channel names at the end of each of my YouTube videos and also on each of my Instagram stories when I promote my videos.

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Joe SummDrums

from 14 Aug, 2020

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My first $50 goal will go towards upgrading my cymbals. I am also thinking about adding additional cymbals to my set, so this contribution would be a massive step in helping me achieve a better quality setup!

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